Islam: An Appetite For Destruction

Wherever Islam achieves Power And Control it takes one of three actions regarding those things the conquered people hold sacred…

  • formwiz

    No, this is war.

    • The Butterfly

      If you ask Pope Francis, it’s peace.

    • African

      It is a religious genocide but most people in the West are interested in things like Bruce Jener “Transgendering” into a woman than caring what happens to M.E. Christians. Even worse, America and the West are backing jihadists worldwide! SHAME ON THEM! May God Punish them soon!

  • The Butterfly

    It is the purest, truest form of Islam.

    • African

      It is the purest, truest form of Islam backed and supported by America and the West. May God quickly punish those barbaric Islamic jihadists and their American backers.

  • Dana Garcia

    I had the same thought about rescuing Europe’s art from Islamics while watching the Monuments Men film — which didn’t shy away from showing religious art interestingly enough.

  • Thank you.