Declassified Report Reveals That the Soviet Union Was Ready For Nuclear War

and the US was apparently unaware:

The U.S. and Soviets were dangerously close to going to war in November 1983, the bombshell report found, and the Cold War-era U.S. national-security apparatus missed many warning signs.

That 1983 “war scare” was spurred by a large-scale U.S. military exercise in Eastern Europe called Able Archer that the Soviets apparently believed was part of allied preparation for a real war.

The Soviet military mobilized in response.


I guess those so-called scare-mongers were right.


  • UCSPanther

    And thanks to KGB disinformation campaigns, the Soviets were able to poison the debate in their favor during the Cold War…

    • El Martyachi

      And thanks too to our very own pansy left, who made it all possible.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Old News. We knew almost immediately that Abel Archer would prompt them to react in some way. That was the point. But the Kremlin while alarmed and upping their ‘defcon’ type status, was never seriously close to a strike.

  • ontario john

    Nice picture of Premier Wynne.

    • David Murrell


  • Alain

    NATO (understand the U.S.) is pulling the same stunt again which is not very smart.

  • ntt1

    like most kids in elementary school in the early sixties I had no fear of any nuclear war in the 80 s due to my extensive duck and cover training in social studies. apparently all you had to do to survive a full on nuclear attack is when the curtains catch fire from the initial flash, simply slide under your desk and wait it out ..simple really.

  • FactsWillOut

    GHWB tried to implement a civil defense plan for nuclear war. The fools wouldn’t let him.