David Warren on being a “hater”


“You’re a hater, you’re a hater, you’re a hate hate hater!”

My own experience, as not only a token conservative columnist, but a “social conservative,” and a practising Catholic on top of that, is not fondly remembered. Quite literally hundreds of such complaints were lodged against me by leftists, exploiting formal complaints procedures that kept my newspaper-chain bosses, as well as me, tied up in knots. We endured years of daily headaches, formally replying to frivolous accusations. Finally I was offered a generous buy-out, if I would just go away.

Which is to say, I know this game from the inside: the “progressive” tactics for muzzling the discordant voice. Yet throughout I was sustained by the knowledge that I was often speaking for the disenfranchised: the many readers who thanked me for expressing basic truths that have been anathematized by the guardians of our brave new world.

Moreover, you cannot know that you have hit the target until those guardians howl. And there is a quiet satisfaction in watching the nest crumple, much though the hornets may sting.

In my experience, you can’t start a riot by saying something new or strange. If you want to bring the house down, you say something everyone secretly knows to be true. More.

Enjoy. You are not taxed to support it.