When do we stop ignoring the information war?

Despite the vicious and brutal nature of the violent uprising that is under way in Israel now, the rest of the world is either silent or approving. The implication seems to be “they are getting what they deserved.” How did this happen?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    At the Republican debate last night, both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio ripped the media for bias. Both are strong supporters of Israel, so should one of them be elected, they will rip the media further.

  • Observer

    The New York Times and Britain’s Guardian Newspaper keeps on pointing out the disproportionality the Israeli’s are using against those poor Palestinians.

    You would never see a New York cop or one in Canada ever shooting someone threating civilians with a knife or firebomb, now would you?

    Israel’s should try using kind words or at worst those bean bag guns against those poor Muslim souls who the Israeli’s have forced into take up knives, Molotov Cocktails, large rocks, guns, speeding vehicles and bombs against Jews and Christians. Perhaps those Jews and Christians should see their culpability for not converting to the Religion of Peace™?

    It’s all a question of “proportionality,” Europe, the United Nations and American Democrats need to impose on the Israeli people for the sake of all those peaceful Arabs throughout the Middle East.

  • We saw this already in the second intifada. When Jews were blown up by Arabs, the media presented the gory scenes of Jewish victims as evidence of “the great suffering of the Palestinians” – arguing, effectively, that the Arabs must be really suffering very very much if so much hatred and murderous impulse inhabits them. So no matter how bad Arab deeds were, this was only proof of and proportional to the alleged Jewish crimes against them.

    After decades of propaganda based on such upside down logic, is it surprising that now most people consider that Israelis “have it coming” and Arabs are innocent victims?

    • k

      Israel is a WESTERN COUNTRY and therefore
      has to APOLOGIZE like the rest of us
      Still Britain has NOT dealt with the WAR RAPE committed AGAINST it’s female children estimates are 1 million girls

      • Yes, that was war rape and continues to happen.

  • johnbrooks3

    When do we stop ignoring what’s happening in Canada first? Alberta’s NDP new budget just caused Shell to cancel a 2B project leaving 1450 without a job. Didn’t make headlines, but D sections of newspapers…

    • k

      comment above was for you

  • k

    how many of those workers were immigrants usurping Cdn jobs

  • Millie_Woods

    The press is mostly silent. Most of us that are aware of the problem think the Jewish state is handling the problem just fine. The rest are losing their minds over Israel’s response. So it’s not all bad.