Thoughts on Clinton’s promise to ease US college debt

Hillary Clinton, increasingly likely to be the next American president, has a plan for free college, here:

Hillary knows Obama won the youth vote in two consecutive presidential elections by promising to erase the burden of college loans. She also knows the average college student graduates with $33,000 in debt. Finally, she knows independents and Republicans are offering young voters little by way of a counter offer.

But the heartbreaking problem is that independents and Republicans do not need so many student ‘crats to staff burgeoning bureaucracies. In fact, they would prefer to do with far fewer.

And, as noted earlier, much of the U humanities experience today fits students only to be public service union members, forcing their “ideas” on an increasingly powerless populace.

Sobering statistic via Townhall ’s Katie Kieffer,

there are 6.5 million (6,455,300 to be exact) more Millennials with college degrees than there are jobs for them now. Furthermore, when you account for all the jobs forecasted to be created between now and 2022, the BLS says there still will not be enough jobs.

Yes there will be. Government will create them. There are still a large number of areas to invade. Progressive government is a growth industry that needs no rationale expect power, a willingness to use it without compunction, heedless of result, and a docile population.

Kieffer cites people such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ralph Lauren, LeBron James, Michael Dell and Rush Limbaugh, who rose to the top without a college degree.

Sure, but does anyone think that the students whining against freedom of thought or speech are in that league? No, the students will either serve coffee or serve citations, and the latter pays better.

Now more than ever, private citizens should stop giving money to universities via alumni programs, etc. Let the government train its own ‘crats.

  • Hard Little Machine

    there’s a lot of merit to this thinking. we don’t need another hundred thousand MFA’s

  • moraywatson

    Climate Hoax jobs are about to be served up by Prime Minister Shiny Pony and Premiere Wynndy.

  • The Butterfly

    End government student loans and shut down most useless degree programs.

    • canminuteman

      Back in the old days student loans were financed by professors. How many professors today would be willing to lend their students money?

  • Martin B

    “Free” just means someone else gets to pay for the education of public service union parasites-in-training, and that someone else is you and me.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I dispute the assertion that Hillary is likely to be the next president. The majority of Americans question her ethics and veracity.

    • Alain

      I do hope you are correct, since in Canada the most unimaginable became reality.

  • tom_billesley

    College loans could be cut by awarding degrees in “progressive” subjects in one semester. They’re worthless anyway and the proud holders can get their community organizer training elsewhere.

  • DMB
  • ntt1

    Why not limit education grants ,RESPs and student loans to STEM faculties only? RESPS are already limited as to what kinds of education they can be applied to, why are we wasting money on faculties that create hatred?Why are we wasting money on literature programmes that no longer teach literature or any arts programme that just act like ponzi schemes.

  • Everyone Else


    This will get her more of the youth vote, and their unemployability won’t become evident until well after the election. This will be a problem for future Hillary, as she tries to get a 2nd term as president, but by then she’ll have many other cards to play.