The true significance of’s “workplace hell” …

… is the social stratification, the development of a caste system. At Rebel:

Amazon’s white collar workers are akin to the shock troops of an ancient empire; they know they are superior to the grunts but that their lives are expendable in the service of the Bigs …

This high tech-driven recreation of the caste system is bound to result in profound social changes, changes which cannot be attributed solely to Amazon. Nor will “fixing” or boycotting Amazon solve them.

The reason I think traditionalists should monitor these developments is that North America, north of the Rio Grande, was an exceptionally stable and peaceful area compared to Europe from about 1865 onward, in large part due to two factors: We lacked a history of hereditary castes that were above the law (aristocrats) or beneath the law (serfs). Our social structures were famously fluid; people who really wanted something could find a way to buy it. So there wasn’t a whole lot to revolute about. Much of our politics came down to squabbles over expanding pies.

However, if broad changes like jobs going to China and AI displacing lower middle class workers create castes – groups fixed in their social position — more people may come to believe they can benefit only from punishing the people they envy, banishing ideas they don’t like, seizing property, and maybe creating public disorder. The fact that these strategies almost never benefit them is beside the point if they believe it will — just this once. More.