Harper To Officially Resign Next Week


Prime Minister Stephen Harper will formally step down next week, just before Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government takes office.

Rideau Hall says Harper visited Gov. Gen. David Johnston right after the election and said he would resign as prime minister in the wake of last week’s Liberal majority victory in the federal election.

A spokesperson says Harper will quit Nov. 4, just prior to the swearing-in of Trudeau’s Liberals, which is scheduled to take place that same day.

Harper has been prime minister since February 2006.


Also, his cats are resigning:

The outgoing prime minister has long been known to have a fondness for felines — indeed, prior to being elected in 2006, Harper quipped he was like one himself, because of his many political lives.

And as he prepares to begin anew as a member of the Tory backbench, so too are his cats preparing for a new life of their own.

Stanley and Gypsy — along with Charlie, a pet chinchilla — are all moving out of 24 Sussex Drive to live with the Harper family at their new permanent digs in Calgary.

What’s more, the many foster-animal friends that had been living at the prime minister’s official residence in the months before the election were all found new homes in the summer.

The Harpers have fostered dozens of cats, as well as a number of other small animals, since moving in nearly a decade ago. Eventually, they devoted an entire upstairs room to the cause.

Some of the animals were eventually adopted by political staffers, others by MPs and cabinet ministers.


G-d- Trudeau, that animal-hating frackwit.