Exclusive: Leaked Syrian databases contain thousands of names of alleged terrorists and war criminals

The Prime Minister-designate, Justin Trudeau, in adamant to carry out his election pledge to bring to Canada 25,000 Syrian refugees before Christmas.

When asked about the refugees commitment in an exclusive interview to CTV News Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme, Trudeau said “that’s something we’re getting cracking on right away,” adding that he has already met with the Clerk of the Privy Council and the Governor General about implementing his platform. “I know this is a surprise to certain people within the political universe, but the commitments I made in that platform, I’m going to keep,” he said.

The outgoing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, opposed airlifting thousands of refugees from terror-reddin countries such as Syria and Iraq without conducting a proper security screening.

  • Exile1981

    So the turd even knowing that the llist is full of terrorist still wants to bring 25k of them to canada to help destroy the country.

    • Liberal voters wanted this.

    • Frances

      Heck, he’s probably using the list to select the lucky men who get to come here.

  • How does Canada benefit by importing 25,000 Syrians?

    Before Christmas? What’s the rush?

    My God, these liberals have lost their minds. Can’t they take a look at what is happening in Europe TODAY?

    What a bunch of myopic fum ducks.

    • Exile1981

      Well while turdeau and wynne are raping the county, the “refugees” can rape the citizens.

      • mobuyus

        Oh and they will with relish.

    • What I don’t understand is how? First, the swearing isn’t until when — December or January 2016? Second, Parliament doesn’t resume until when — January or February 2016? Plus Justin’s Nobel Peace Prize will probably be awarded by the Europeans by January at the latest — he’s gong to be a very busy man occupied with accomplishing exactly nothing before Christmas.

      I hate to pooh pooh the Great Leader, but there’s this thing we old farts call a “calendar” (although I do in fact realize that calendars are misogynistic, racist, sexist, islamophobic, homophobic, xenophobic, and blatant climate denial).

  • Chris

    The truth about the refugees doesn’t matter a bit to the progressives. It’s all about vote whoring to the bleeding hearts who honestly believe that there is no such thing as Islamic extremism or if they do then all they need to do is show the crazies that we are soooooo nice so they don’t need to feel threatened by us and will leave us off of their kill list.

    • mobuyus

      Feeding the Crocodile in hopes that it will not eat you never ever works.

      • Chris

        Just ask Neville Chamderlain.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘“I know this is a surprise to certain people within the political universe, but the commitments I made in that platform, I’m going to keep,”’

    The guy with a plan to bring 25,000 invaders into the country throws in a passive insult at Harper and the Conservatives.

    Way to keep it classy, Justin!

    • Exile1981

      That 25k will turn into 50k and they will all be fast tracted to citizenship. Those 50k will be a noticable voting block come the next federal election… and moving even a majority of them to a single province like say sask or ab would make a huge difference in a provincial election.

  • Observer

    Justin has to get these people into Canada in 2015, so they can apply to get their multiple wives, children, siblings, parents and grandparents and those they claim are family (a favourite trick of some Somalis) into the country for 2016, so all those people can then claim to want to reunite with their extended families by 2017!

    On another subject, if we are to continue to allow “family reunification”, shouldn’t we be demanding these people pay for DNA tests to prove they are actually related?

  • k1962

    He’s an idiot, just like the people who voted for him.

  • cdnmohamhater

    wait till the Indians realize that the Syrians are way more important than their quest for clean water etc on reserves……..lol

  • barryjr

    Obviously the village idiot didn’t hear the head of the FBI say that even they can’t screen all the refugees Obama wants to take in. What makes this airhead think that Canadian groups could screen 25000 potential terrorists?

  • Edubeat