CNBC and Jeb Bush Commit Suicide in Boulder

It’s hard to see how Jeb Bush recovers from his self-inflected wound at Wednesday’s CNBC Republican debate in Boulder when he went after Marco Rubio just after the young senator had hit one out of the park. Rubio was defending himself from an editorial in the Sun Sentinel calling on Marco to stop “ripping off” the public and quit the Senate for non-attendance while campaigning. Rubio responded that John Kerry and Barack Obama had been even more truant while running for president and the paper had not only ignored that, but given these men their endorsement. It was an example of liberal media bias at its most obvious. The crowd erupted in its first ovation of the night. Advantage Rubio.

Clueless, Bush jumped in as if nothing had happened, taking the paper’s side and schoolmarmishly doubling down on Marco.

  • Will Quest


  • Blacksmith

    Jeb showing us how smart he isn’t?

    • barryjr

      His whole platform is “my daddy and my brother were president so I want a turn”.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Both Rubio and Cruz stuck it to the MSM and twisted the knife to the delight of the audience.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s good to see Jeb! sink into much deserved oblivion, but the suits will turn to Amnesty Man Rubio to carry the banner of open borders.

    Sing along!