Why Did “Slow Joe” Biden Really Back Out of The Race?


P.J. Media thinks they know… but I think they are only half-right.

My theory is that Liz Warren has been bumped up to the primary slot from an intended V.P. position in the ‘still born’ Biden ticket. In light of that now hidden development, watch closely for the establishment media start to give Elizabeth (don’t call me ‘fauxahontas’) Warren fluff pieces and abnormally good press after being silent almost two years about her.

This will start at Politico, then MSNBC, and the N.Y. Times. Watch for it!

The reason for this is that Trump’s assentation has thrown a monkey wrench into everybody’s plans. With a Hillary vs. ‘Jeb!’ contest it just didn’t matter who won because they were both bought and paid for by essentially the same people and factions. Team Obama thought they could whack Hillary and bring in Biden, but it seems like she might have some info on them that she is holding back and threatened to disclose it if Biden didn’t take a hike. But now that she is unelectable against Trump, they had to scramble for a “Plan B”, and for that they need a woman, and Slow Joe might have been able to beat ‘Jeb!’, he is toast in the face of Trump, just like Hillary. They NEED a woman to mobilize the Womyn’s vote, and slow Joe just ain’t no woman.

This is going to be a very bloody 4-way knife fight, and likely the messiest, dirtiest, and meanest U.S. Presidential election that any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Hillary faction vs. Obama faction for team Dem and that winner gets to deal with the winner of the GOP establishment vs. Team Trump. Keep a strong stomach and believe almost nothing.

I’m talking a two party Armageddon level of annihilation here, that if they can’t derail Trump, will spell the end of all of them.