Why Did “Slow Joe” Biden Really Back Out of The Race?


P.J. Media thinks they know… but I think they are only half-right.

My theory is that Liz Warren has been bumped up to the primary slot from an intended V.P. position in the ‘still born’ Biden ticket. In light of that now hidden development, watch closely for the establishment media start to give Elizabeth (don’t call me ‘fauxahontas’) Warren fluff pieces and abnormally good press after being silent almost two years about her.

This will start at Politico, then MSNBC, and the N.Y. Times. Watch for it!

The reason for this is that Trump’s assentation has thrown a monkey wrench into everybody’s plans. With a Hillary vs. ‘Jeb!’ contest it just didn’t matter who won because they were both bought and paid for by essentially the same people and factions. Team Obama thought they could whack Hillary and bring in Biden, but it seems like she might have some info on them that she is holding back and threatened to disclose it if Biden didn’t take a hike. But now that she is unelectable against Trump, they had to scramble for a “Plan B”, and for that they need a woman, and Slow Joe might have been able to beat ‘Jeb!’, he is toast in the face of Trump, just like Hillary. They NEED a woman to mobilize the Womyn’s vote, and slow Joe just ain’t no woman.

This is going to be a very bloody 4-way knife fight, and likely the messiest, dirtiest, and meanest U.S. Presidential election that any of us will ever see in our lifetimes. Hillary faction vs. Obama faction for team Dem and that winner gets to deal with the winner of the GOP establishment vs. Team Trump. Keep a strong stomach and believe almost nothing.

I’m talking a two party Armageddon level of annihilation here, that if they can’t derail Trump, will spell the end of all of them.

  • Lord knows whats gonna come out on the Obama’s.

    • You can be sure the braindead multi-cultists will find an excuse.

    • Exile1981

      1) Obama is a bisexual muslim
      2) He wasn’t eligible to be potus
      3) Mooch used to be a man
      4) the kids are adopted and only ever were intended to be props.
      5) Lots of ballet stuffing in 2008 and 2012.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Ballet stuffing? What does Rahm Emmanuel have to do with this?

        • Exile1981

          Well he was chief of staff for a while.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Wow, that REALLY flew over your head, didn’t it?!!!!

            You are aware that Rahm Emmanuel was a professional “ballet dancer” , right? Before he became a politician…

          • Exile1981

            Yes it did…. but in my defense I was running on too little sleep yesterday.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        You forgot the Blank Panthers keeping white folks away from the polls.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Maybe that he wasn’t lying all that time he was telling people he was born in Kenya?

  • Clink9

    I’m sure they’re all doing it for the good of America.

    Very giving these people.

    • Cara Malone

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  • Norman_In_New_York

    The latest polls show that Dr. Carson is ahead of Trump, and Sen. Rubio has entered the double digit list in popularity. Jeb Bush is unelectable at this point. Two Bushes in the White House are enough. As for Biden, he was waiting for Hillary to fall on her ass, but that hasn’t happened yet. A year is a long time in an election cycle, and if the FBI comes up with criminal charges against her, it’s a whole new ballgame even if she remains unindicted.

  • Xavier

    I agree with you, D.B., and everyone – the DNC, the GOP, and the media – are going to be trying to destroy Trump. Ignore the polls and go with your gut.

    • The best part about Trump is he has not bowed down to the PC media or the establishment.

      His “in your face” style is refreshing. And the media/political hacks are suffering intellectual diarrhea.

      Obozo and the dems have so screwed up this country, anyone who offers real hope is a winner.

      Go Donald go. “Make America Great Again”!

  • Ron MacDonald

    As long as Hillary ends up in prison I’m happy.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Liz Warren was never a serious consideration. But Corey Booker and Keith Ellison are on the short list of Obama appointed successors. So is Michelle Obama. The DNC is trying to figure out who beats which GOP contender. And please, stop saying Hillary is unelectable. She’s electable. Democrats will vote for whomever the Democratic nominee is. The GOP can’t stop being retarded so they’ll put up someone who can’t win. It’s tragic but it’s their own fault. And after a bunch of times of this happening it looks intentional.

  • I think a large chunk of the population are fed up with the career politicians – both the dems and the repubs.

    Trump and Carson’s appeal is they are both non-politicians. And neither of them are stained by the stench of political payoffs that is part of Washington DC.

    Obozo and the dems have f*cked up sh*t so bad I will never trust a democrat as long as I live.

    I want a shake up, closed borders, open talk about the reality of Islam, term limits.

    I have a better chance with either Trump or Carson than any of the f*cking hacks with political baggage.

    I purchased my “Make America Great Again” hat. When it shows up, (I live in a liberal cesspool) I intend to wear it everywhere. Can’t wait to see what the liberals have to say about it.

  • WhiteRabbit3

    The vigorous, raucous democratic process that the Republicans are going through to nominate a presidential candidate is in stark contrast to the weird Kabuki theatre of the Democrats.