Islamists rise as chaos descends in Yemen’s cosmopolitan port

In Aden, Yemen’s most cosmopolitan city, the masked Islamist gunmen seem to have burst onto the streets from some other world.

They storm university classrooms to demand men and women to stop studying together, charge into supermarkets firing in the air to force the female cashiers to cover up, harass families celebrating a Muslim holiday on the beach.

Three weeks ago, four suicide bombers detonated car bombs at a temporary Yemeni government headquarters and two Arab coalition outposts.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I smell another victory speech by Obama on this.

  • The Butterfly

    Cosmopolitan, like New York.

  • Islamic theology at work and on display.

    And some brain dead leftist will tell us it’s just like the Christians.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Won’t be long until the headlines read, “Islamists rise as chaos descends in BC’s cosmopolitan port.” 🙁