Germaine Greer: Transgender women are ‘not women’

  • Katyn

    Well, there you go.

  • tom_billesley
  • ed

    ” lurking testicles ” I like that phrase !

  • Brett_McS

    Cat fight!

  • 21st century witch doctoring – when we use a schapel to fix a mental disorder.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      You mean “chicks with dicks” aren’t really women? What a shock!

      You’re right. A scalpel cannot fix narcissistic and borderline personality disorders.

      But scalpels can unnecessarily make huge amounts of money for the quacks pretending to be medical doctors and the cultural marxist social justice warriors selling their snake oil.

    • K

      Correction… Hormones is closer to the idea… also… some men have more female brains when looking at images of the brain…I think men need to feel comfortable being metrosexual… Be who you are … Fifty percent failure rate Means back to the drawing board Doc!

  • Sharkibark

    What I really don’t understand is how both the mainstream public as well as many of our medical professionals have embraced what is actually mental illness (body dysmorphic disorder) and are cruelly reinforcing their delusion with major surgery rather than treating their illness with compassion and therapy.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      I just missed this as I was typing my answer to BobSmith101.

      For the “doctors” this is about making big money at someone else’s and society’s expense.

      To the cultural marxist social justice warriors this is one more weapon to use to undermine western culture and society to create their imagined utopia, but what is only a nihilistic dystopia.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I know several psychiatrists who would gladly take these poor souls in as patients. They receive their cheques fro the same source as surgeons. So why have psychiatrists associations not spoken up, I ask? Crickets………

        Courage speaks volumes. Cowardice whimpers softly.

        • Cara Malone

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  • Dana Garcia

    It’s about time some official feminist said the obvious.

    Tranny men want to redefine female as gobs of makeup and an expensive designer wardrobe.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Used to be sweater sets and pearls. But that was when “fashionable” and “slutty” meant two different things.

    • edlancey

      I walked into a public toilet this summer and this skinny freak in a short red dress was hanging around the sinks waiting for someone to abuse him.

      Mental illness and self-pity in a mini-dress.

  • A fake woman cannot have babies, a fake man cannot give babies. No amount of surgery can change that.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I like to think that the day will come soon when SJWs learn that disputing scientific with strongly held sentiment simply does not work. I could choose to be “anti-winter” because so many new immigrants come from warmer climates and find Canadian winters to be harsh. Will me and my anti-winter pals’ strong anti-winter sentiments force winter to bypass Canada in order to spare new immigrants unaccustomed to harsh, cold weather?

    Welcome to MEATSPACE, kids! Things rarely go the way we want or expect them to in MEATSPACE. Hold on to you hats!

  • edlancey

    Kirsty Wark, the mannish interviewer, is one of the smuggest and most annoying labour-luvvies at the BBC – beating off some very stiff competition.

  • John

    At 95 George Burns claimed he felt young and I believe he actually did. However, what he felt and what he actually was (old) were two different things. Unlike a 25 year old, he couldn’t look forward another 60 or 70 years of life

    Just feeling female doesn’t make you a female.

  • John

    When they dig up Jenner’s skeletal remains in a 1000 years, those doing will will wonder why some 21st century males wore wigs, fake nails and sported foam chest implants. Jenner with his Veronica Lake locks, his foamy-retainer bustiers and forties pin-up style photos is a parody of what female really is.

  • mauser 98

    Oh Yeah!!

  • hirsutetoboot
  • lgeubank

    Germaine Greer says transgender women (i.e., mutilated men) are not women.
    She passed the sanity test. She’s not insane.

    • David Murrell

      Read her book “The Female Eunich”, way back when. She uses the same blunt talk now as in that book. The book has a good chapter about men and women in bed.

  • pop

    She’s technically correct. It’s only an opinion they’re female. They continue to use steroids after surgery. They are not really female, only believe they are.

    It’s very difficult line of thought.

  • SMC_BC

    Ms. Greer is right. Glamor magazine’s choice of Bruce Jenner as ‘woman’ of the year is an example of true misogyny of the worse kind. For them, a stereotype is more womanily than a naturally born woman.