Disney workers complain about training foreign replacements


“I’m in the room with about two-dozen people, and very shortly thereafter an executive delivers the news that all of our jobs are ending in 90 days, and that we have 90 days to train our replacements then we won’t get a bonus that we’ve been offered,” says Leo Perrero, a former app developer for Disney.

Adding insult to injury, a follow-up letter was provided describing the expectations and severance pay they’d receive if they adhered to Disney’s wishes for the following 90 days.
“So many American workers, across the country, hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs because they’re being replaced by foreign workers,” says Sarasota-based employment Attorney Sara Blackwell, who is representing both men. Blackwell tells us this isn’t just a problem with Disney. Companies, including Toys R Us, IBM and Verizon, have been contracting with companies and outsourcing work. The reason: Loopholes in the law that establishes the H1B visa. More.

One would feel sorrier for them if one didn’t so strongly suspect that they are all progressives, happy to railroad someone else out of a job for PC reasons. One wonder whether their replacements from India will be willing to conform to the Correct opinions. Time will tell.

Note: All MSM are declining as news sources, though there will still be many jobs in manufacturing “fake but accurate” news for government, which might suit some of those laid off from the narrative fiction industry quite well.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘One would feel sorrier for them if one didn’t so strongly suspect that they are all progressives, happy to railroad someone else out of a job for PC reasons.’
    First they came for the high handed metro sexual men and I said nothing.
    Because they were fuck heads.

    • Frances Sinclair

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    • Justin St.Denis

      I think that’s “fuckheads” BTW. 😉

  • Clausewitz

    Who does Disney think they are? The big five banks in Canada?

    • Gary

      Good point, I was tossed to the curb a while back after a workplace injury they didn’t report. The new scam is to put employees on STD to hide them from the WSIB so the premiums don’t go up and just hope the employee
      gets better and returns.
      But it became LTD and now it’s a legal matter because ManuLife and the Bank conspired for a constructive Termination where I wasn’t accommodated back to work slowly which gave the weasels at ManuLife the excuse to cut me off for refusing employment.
      While I was off they down sized and went to a E-commerce where my job was gone, but my experience and greater than the CEO while my IQ was about 10 point higher than the CEO based on the screw-up and stupid choices made from the Board room.

      There was also a Diversity push to meet quotas which was feminists and non-whites at that times.
      They didn’t know that my father is Aboriginal for his background from the USA when his people crossed into Canada. I didn’t make an issue of it and they didn’t have Diversity Forms back in the 1980’s when I was hired.
      All of the HR staff I dealt with seems like young white men-hating feminists that didn’t find me dark enough to be native and nor did I wear feathered costumes and dance for them at Christmas parties.
      The Human Rights commission sided with the Bank and told me it was a Employ law issue even when I was on Disability prior to the Termination and still partially disabled now that still couldn’t meet demands by the Bank and ManuLife for full time work with no part-time easing back in even at a new job related to my experience .

      The Human Rights Awards that are handed out are part of a kick-back scheme because the Bank I was with got an Award AFTER they donated lots of money to Barbara halls favourite causes….in fact, the Bank got the Award from Hall the same year they toss me to the curb knowing I couldn’t afford a lawyer and if i got one they would drag it out in Court for the Civil case art least 10 years .
      They still have my Pension money and they must think that I’ll just sign the papers and walk away after they caused my injury and now wash their hands of it and toss me the pension i was owed anyway.

      They tried to buy me off once before with bobbles as if I should have been happy , but Manulife is just as heartless and greedy as the Suits in the banks boardrooms which I opined at during the HRC hearing to point out that Manulife was quick to rape my paycheck for the premium each month for Insurance but doesn’t like to make pay outs when you submit a claim .
      They’re in the wrong business to think they can take money from workers and not pay out on claims, that’s what Wynne’s ORPP is doing because you can’t draw down from it until 2060.
      I read that Toronto’s CUPE members have a sweet deal for LTD by ManuLife with the City where it’s costing about $40 million a year , ManuLife must have jacked up the premiums to make sure they don’t lose money because the tax payers are funding it anyway and some of the LTD claims are 25+ years old.

  • V10_Rob

    Only racists object to training their slave-wage replacements.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Just wait till the Indians are fired to give the jobs to illegal Mexicans.