Disney workers complain about training foreign replacements


“I’m in the room with about two-dozen people, and very shortly thereafter an executive delivers the news that all of our jobs are ending in 90 days, and that we have 90 days to train our replacements then we won’t get a bonus that we’ve been offered,” says Leo Perrero, a former app developer for Disney.

Adding insult to injury, a follow-up letter was provided describing the expectations and severance pay they’d receive if they adhered to Disney’s wishes for the following 90 days.
“So many American workers, across the country, hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs because they’re being replaced by foreign workers,” says Sarasota-based employment Attorney Sara Blackwell, who is representing both men. Blackwell tells us this isn’t just a problem with Disney. Companies, including Toys R Us, IBM and Verizon, have been contracting with companies and outsourcing work. The reason: Loopholes in the law that establishes the H1B visa. More.

One would feel sorrier for them if one didn’t so strongly suspect that they are all progressives, happy to railroad someone else out of a job for PC reasons. One wonder whether their replacements from India will be willing to conform to the Correct opinions. Time will tell.

Note: All MSM are declining as news sources, though there will still be many jobs in manufacturing “fake but accurate” news for government, which might suit some of those laid off from the narrative fiction industry quite well.