Detroit public schools failing – send more teachers’ unions soon


Detroit Public Schools: 93% Not Proficient in Reading; 96% Not Proficient in Math

That is according to the results of the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress tests published by the Department of Education’s National Center for Educational Statistics.

Only 4 percent of Detroit public school eighth graders are proficient or better in math and only 7 percent in reading. This is despite the fact that in the 2011-2012 school year—the latest for which the Department of Education has reported the financial data—the Detroit public schools had “total expenditures” of $18,361 per student and “current expenditures” of $13,330 per student.

Also send more government. More government money. More taxpayers. Fewer parents, teachers, …

  • k1962

    Those are horrible stats. But if your parent (mom) can’t read or do math it’s probably not so important to them and thus the cycle gets perpetuated.

    • Gary

      This is what happens when children have children , but don’t think this isn’t going on in Toronto because welfare is now a life style and there are about 300,000 illegals that Joe Mihevc said will get welfare .
      Our schools no longer fail students which means they have fake Diplomas from far too many teachers that claim it’s not just a job and it’s NOT about the money/pension because it’s about the chillllllllldren .

      • Frances Sinclair

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        • pdxnag

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          • tom_billesley

            Hilarious spiel – a used McLaren F1 will fetch way over $10m

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If parents insist that their children learn, the children will learn one way or another. Detroit’s parents are too strung out, hence the stats.

  • UCSPanther
  • Gary

    Here in Ontario the Liberals solved the problem.

    First they bought off the teachers as to make sure they give out fake High School Diploma’s to non -white kids functioning at a grade 6 level.
    Then they paid off the Human Rights Commission Brown-Shirt fascists to bring in Hiring Quotas for Diversity so the kids with fake Diplomas get jobs and can’t be fired for fear of a Human Right complaint and fine.
    Then we have the Diversity Cops paid off to ignore some crimes by minorities or even ignore crimes by THEIR people in their self-segregated ghetto’s where youths can get jobs with fake Diploma’s.

    Yes folks, it’s Ontario and everything is fine…… we have lower crime rates, higher rates for Diplomas and math scores , plus more immigrants in Toronto than Canadian citizens that contribute to the fabric of Society and prove we are not racists that self-segregate into White neighbourhoods among our Kind and want the Police and social services to reflect our kind.
    Those days of overt bigotry are gone as we have over 60 Nationality groups in Toronto and offer over 100 languages for Services to those that don’t speak French or English but still want all the benefits of living here even if they are illegals.

  • ed

    the kids are good at drug dealing weights and measures !

  • BobSykes

    The average IQ in the Detroit schools is in the 70’s. The children are simply uneducable.

    • Justin St.Denis

      How can you know that? Explain, please…

      • BobSykes

        It is straightforward. The population of Detroit comes almost entirely from west Africa because of the slave trade. The people in that region have been repeatedly tested for IQ and score on average in the mid to low 70’s.

        The average Black IQ in the US is about 85, but that score is due to a White admixture in American Blacks of about 20%. However, after the riots, the Black middle class also abandonned Detroit. And that is why Detroit is such a mess.

        Steve Sailer has repeated pointed out (eg with PISA) that American schools perform about as well as can be expected. Standardized test scores for American Whites are similar (or even better) than those of European Whites. American Asians score as well as East Asians. And so forth.

        The real trajedy is that US economic, immigration, environmental and foreign policy has resulted in the deindustrialization of American cities, and the people of Detroit no longer have job opportunities that would ameliorate their condition.

        The importation of millions of poorly educated Mexicans and Central Americans is probably the most anti-Black policy since Jim Crow. Why Black leaders aren’t up in arms is a mystery.

  • tom_billesley

    Illiterate? Ripe for da’wah.

  • Hard Little Machine

    None of this is news. St Louis and East St Louis are just as bad. I don’t see a problem. Just let them all slowly disintegrate. Eventually they will become uninhabitable wilderness areas and the Federal government can put them under the Department of the Interior. The Barack Hussein Obama National Wilderness Park.

    Who cares anymore?

  • moraywatson

    Not to worry. The only requirement to vote is that you are able to mark an “X”.

    • k1962

      Probably how Justin got elected.

      • Just like the usurper in the USA, can you say voter fraud?

  • pdxnag

    Well I think that the teachers must know elementary math, and have the necessary verbal skills to be shrewd political negotiators.

    “The Detroit metropolitan area has the highest average public school teacher pay among metropolitan areas.”

    • k1962

      It’s probably danger pay. I’d hate to have to work there.

      My mom told one of my kids to apply to med school at Wayne State. I said no friggin way. My mother was born and raised in Detroit. Her parents moved to the now black suburb of Southfield in about 1965. Detroit was once a beautiful city. My dad graduated from Pharmacy I think also at Wayne State. He used to commute everyday from Windsor.