Amira Jumaa is from Kuwait. She was an intern at the French Consulate in NYC

Such an ugly little girl…

amira jumaa jew hating Muslim

h/t The Armaros

  • The Butterfly

    So that’s why France is so vibrant.

  • Arabs/Muslims are today’s Nazis, hopelessly sick to the core of their souls.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Lest we forget, she is from Iraq’s 19th province.

  • Hard Little Machine

    She should be gang raped then burned alive.

  • A clear case of Islam Brainwash Syndrome.

    She has intellectual IBS.

    • Shlomo S

      Do you have any evidence that she’s Muslim? Seems like you’re assuming it based solely off her ethnicity. Pretty racist.

  • Shlomo S

    Do you have any evidence that this woman is a Muslim? I was under the impression that Islam isn’t a race.

    • Three month old thread. I’d find something a little more current to troll.

      • Shlomo S

        It’s not trolling. I’m genuinely curious. She’s not dressed in Islamic garb nor is there any indication that she’s Muslim. Is it being based on her ethnicity? I stumbled across this website while googling her name.

        • ddobro

          sure, she may be a christian, but it seems safe to assume not. her mom is a palestinian from jordan. if she’s kuwaiti her dad must be kuwaiti. there are not too many palestinian christians in jordan nor kuwaiti christians in kuwait. plus, the males typically make the wives follow their religion lol.