Students want non-PC speech censored

From National Review:

Interestingly, while student dedication to “diversity of opinion” was quite strong, it dropped by a statistically significant amount when the definition of intellectual diversity specifically included the conservative point of view. An overwhelming 82 percent strongly or somewhat agree that “diversity of opinion, including hearing an alternative political or cultural perspective, enhances undergraduate education.” Yet that number drops a full 8 points (and it drops 13 points in the “strongly agree” category) when the statement is modified to read, “diversity of opinion, including hearing the conservative perspective, enhances undergraduate education.” The instant that free speech starts to look like a ‘bias-related incident,’ students start supporting censorship. In general, the more specific the questions got, the more support for free speech evaporated.

Of course.

They do not support free speech at all. The artsies are probably public service union members-in-training, learning to determine who the government should reward or punish.

Children one should be ashamed of.

Here are some governments the twitcrats might get on well with:

Flogging of jailed Saudi blogger ‘to resume soon’

Poets latest to be snared in Iranian hard-liners’ crackdown:

Two Iranian poets jailed for their work and sentenced to 99 lashes apiece for shaking hands with members of the opposite sex are the latest targets in a crackdown that analysts say pits hard-liners against those offering new glimpses of life in the Islamic Republic.

The sentences follow a pattern of arrests and convictions targeting activists, journalists and artists that has served as a grim backdrop to President Hassan Rouhani’s efforts to soften the country’s image and improve relations with the West, including through the landmark nuclear agreement reached last summer.

Prediction: The budding twitcrats will accept Rouhani’s “diverse cultural concepts” in “the context of his society,” and go out to seek different victims for themselves.

And we will pay for their universities through our taxes.

Why can’t public service unions be made to pay for ‘crat training? They can screw them over for dues for the rest of their careers.

  • Martin B

    Progressive professors & administrators set out to turn their universities into sheep farms and their students into sheep. Seems to be working.

    • Students: Get a job. Pay off that college loan.

      Is that degree in feminist studies giving you a good return?

  • Clink9

    These students need to be told on a daily basis where to go. Mock them without mercy. The real world will rise like a two by four and smash them in the face.

    • FactsWillOut

      Isn’t that when they go for the Hale-Bop express?

  • pdxnag

    You’ve got the frame the question right.

    “Do you believe that I should have the right to tell you to shut up, even if it means that I can have the police help me shut you up?”

    Then as they attempt to answer, interject with “Shut up.”

    Gauge their response.

    • FactsWillOut

      That would probably only make them cry.

  • FactsWillOut

    If said it before, and I’ll say it again: The human brain is predominantly a weapon.
    Language is a weapon. Free speech violations/PC language is the intellectual equivalent of gun-grabbing.

    • Cara Malone

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  • Tom Forsythe

    By “alternative cultural perspective,” they mean Cultural Marxism taught by a black lesbian or a Muslim. They just want more exotic messengers, not different messages.

    • moraywatson

      If the perspective doesn’t come with a trigger warning, a safe space guarantee, or a cis-normative qualifier, it will outrage the special snowflakes.

  • Xavier
  • Hard Little Machine

    Employers should screen for these types and reject them. So far, being far left isn’t a protected minority subject to affirmative action set asides. That way they will all wind up either underemployed or working in an academic setting talking to themselves about themselves and growing another generation of failures committed to the same thing.

  • moraywatson

    “…diversity of opinion, including hearing the self-righteous liberal perspective…”