Openly progressive mag cuts back too

In a move more predictable but maybe less significant than no more nudes at Playboy

US leftist mag National Journal is cutting staff 25%:

On Tuesday, in a long-expected move, Atlantic Media, which owns the leftist National Journal, announced the Journal is cutting 25% of its staff and offering them buyouts. The move will be complete by the end of January 2016.

The Journal had once been available only to subscribers but attempted to reach the public as the public-facing That didn’t succeed; David Bradley, the owner of the Atlantic Media Company, stated publicly in July that he would shut down the print version of the Journal, asserting that he was “not drawn … to proposing layoffs,” adding that the company “will do our best to help each person stay in place, or be reassigned, or transition to a new employer.”

Good luck with that.

Excusing one’s own failures and claiming the right to live off those who didn’t make the same mistakes is a commodity now, like used old-lady furniture. You can offer it but you can’t expect any interest in it.

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