Hate preacher Abu Qatada denounces ‘filthy’ Shia Muslims and vows that Islam will ‘dominate every land’ in vile propaganda article for Al Qaeda’s magazine

A radical hate preacher who fought a ten-year battle to avoid deportation from Britain claims Islam will rise up to ‘dominate every land’ and destroy the ‘state of the Jews’.

Writing in the latest edition of Al Qaeda’s online magazine, Abu Qatada also condemned ‘filthy’ Shia Muslims – aligning some of his ideology with arch enemies the Islamic State.

The glossy publication, entitled Al Risalah, is produced by Al Qaeda’s Syrian branch known as Jabhat Al Nusra and is a clear attempt to mirror the stylised propaganda employed by ISIS.

Here’s the Al Risalah rag…

al-Risalah Magazine Issue Number 2

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Anyone who puts a bounty on Nasrallah can’t be all bad.

  • Let them fight.

  • Ron MacDonald

    As long as the Shia and Sunni Muslims are killing each other they’re too busy to be killing us.

  • terrence

    Apparently, mooslimes kill more mooslimes than non-mooslimes. So, this is old, but good, news. Keep it up mooslimes.

  • Mal

    “Abu Qatada also condemned ‘filthy’ Shia Muslims…”
    As if there’s a functional difference. Filth is filth.