Fears the banlieues could burn again

It is exactly 10 years since the start of France’s banlieue riots – the three weeks of violent street protest in the high-immigration suburbs, sparked by the accidental deaths of two teenagers after a police chase.

Plenty of money has been pumped into the banlieues – but has anything really changed?

It is with a depressing sense of familiarity that one reads this week the 10-year post-mortems on France’s 2005 riots.

Everyone concedes that after the shock a lot was done to regenerate the “lost” neighbourhoods of Clichy, Grigny, Bobigny, et cetera.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Isn’t multiculturalist just wonnerful, wonderful?

  • Ron MacDonald

    Let them live squalor, perhaps they’ll get the message and return home.

  • John

    It’s inevitable that France’s cities will witness loads of violence in the coming years. A whole way of life is coming to an end.

    Watched a documentary on England at the end of the Roman period. People took everything for granted. When the legions left in the early fifth century, Britannia’s wealthy romanized elites buried their treasure and coins with the idea they’d dig them up just as soon as the Romans returned…which wouldn’t be long. They didn’t at all understand that it was the end of everything

  • AmicusC

    I truly wonder if the elite are cognizant of the rivers of blood they are cultivating?

  • ismiselemeas

    Let them eat cack.

  • Seneca III

    I don’t think such an event would necessarilly be detrimental to the survival of the Western Ecumene.

    If the RoPers and and the sub-North African predators and parasites crack off again then let them go for it; only this time seal their cesspits off from the the rest of the real world, bung in whatever combustible fuel can be deposited without too much danger to the the depositors and help the conflagration along. A fire storm would be both an acceptable and a pragmatic solution to this invasion.

    First, though, establish a physical, containing fire wall by thoughtful demolition so that it doesn’spread beyond its immediate confines and totally destroy our environment and then permit these scum no egress.

    They can have their virgins and goats in their paradise, here they must have nothing but a pile of their own ash.

    This a survival fight not an altruistic debate.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    A few years ago a few of my friends at work were on lunch talking to a contract engineer from France.
    He wasn’t French born and I didn’t like him so I asked innocently if he had been personally affected by carbeque season.
    He coldly told me that it was not a problem for him.
    Oh, I said, I’ve heard it’s pretty bad over there and turned back to finish my lunch.
    I told my buddies later what a carbeque is.