As Jihad Advances, Huffington Post Still Pushing Muslim Victimhood Myth

As presidential candidates are finding it tougher than ever before to ignore the reality of the global jihad, the Huffington Post is working harder than ever to push the Muslim victimhood myth.

  • Tokenn

    Well, _some_ Muslims probably are victims…the ones that aren’t radical or actively supportive of ISIS or terrorism generally. However these are usually victims of other Muslims. But then there’s passive support/acquiescence… Then there’s the fact that Muslims for about 1400 years have been victims of the lies and delusions that created the religion in the first place…

  • Zaba

    Ah, the muzlim victim hood myth…….

    The Quran Distinguishes Muslims from Non-Muslims
    and Establishes a Hierarchy of Relative Worth

    The Quran makes it clear that Islam is not about universal brotherhood, but about the brotherhood of believers:

    The Believers are but a single Brotherhood (49:10)

    Not all men are equal under Islam. Slaves and the handicapped are not equal to healthy free men, for example (16:75-76). The Quran introduces the “Law of Equality,” which establishes different levels of human value when considering certain matters, such as restitution for murder (2:178).

  • Western liberal rags are soon going to be eating crow.

    When Western Europe explodes, they will have to find a new excuse.

    • Zaba

      They still may not get it……..
      These are fellow humans with no critical thinking filter.

      • Cara Malone

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  • Zaba

    jihad gets help!!

    Video: Swedish state TV airs children’s program glorifying the Islamic state Caliphate, the One Ummah

    These nasty insane socialists are out of control! Why don’t they teach them the Nazi salute while they are at it?

    The one finger salute is of course the One unified Ummah – the symbol that the Sunni Islamic state use to demonstrate their goal of a worldwide Caliphate.

    Known as the “Finger of Tawheed” to represent the oneness of God, this hand symbol is common among Salafis and jihadis both in photographic poses and following beheadings. It’s a symbol of victory.

    One possible correction to the pics at the link:

    The smiling woman on the left with her two left fingers up….
    I think she is Kurdish as I’ve seen the pic before.

  • Hard Little Machine

    HuffPo has been at the forefront of Jew hatred for years and years. You can easily ignore whatever they have to say about anything.