Was it cultural insensitivity? Pity.

Seems they’re upset that people look at them funny since the Jay Report exposed the horrific extent of Muslim Child Rape Gangs in the UK.

The police are an odd choice as they were complicit along with local labour councils in a massive years long cover-up of the Muslim Rape Gangs in order to preserve “community cohesion”.

Over 1400 Young girls were sacrificed in the name of “anti-racism” in Rotherham alone: Rotherham: In the face of such evil, who is the racist now?

  • Martin B

    Britons need to vote to boycott Muslims.

  • marty_p

    This all could have been avoided had goats been made available.

  • Gary

    Sadly , this could be going on right now in Canada because I have already seen how the Police and Media tried to cover-up sharia inspired honour-killings along with Paedophile Imams emulating their prophet to have sex with a child.
    Right after we had 2 major Court cases for honour killing where 5 Brown muslims women were murdered for not wearing the Hijab , we had the Toronto choose to NOT have media PSA’s to alert muslim women to call 9-1-1 if threatened but instead they ran Recruiting videos promoting how they will allow the Hijab as part of the Uniform for their Diversity quota to hire muslims women.
    Thank allot Chief Blair , you just endorsed the killings in the minds of the men that killed their female relative for NOT wearing the hijab.
    It’s easy , the Toronto Police has now deemed Hijab wearing females as TRUE muslims because they didn’t say they wanted females muslims without hijabs.

    i doubt that the Muslim Cops will answer a 9-1-1 call for domestic violence based on the quranic verses that condone it and then actually choose to enforce Canada’s laws and arrest the abusers to assure the muslims women they have Rights in Canada that islam can not take away.
    The Police force may look Diverse in a PR Photo , but each Cop is parachuted
    into their self-segregated “People” whether it be by Race, past Nationality , culture, language and Religion.
    This Liberalism ends up ghettoizing Minority Cops that will have a limited number of Cities they could move to in the future . When the Police got rid of the Height Standard it gave us Mini-Cops along with the little girls that call for back-ups at a rate of 90% for the same calls as male Cops that have a 30% rate.

    Good luck for the Tamil Cop that’s 5′-3″ tall and thinks he can move to Texas and get a job there where he’s expect to use his gun and wrestle down a REAL criminal that 6′-2″ and drunk .

    I remember when Olivia Chow was caught not enforcing Canada’s Laws on her people in China Town that dealt with garbage and the Health Department .
    Chow excused away her inaction by claiming that the Fine’s were a fraction of the Court Costs and it wasn’t worth issuing Citations.
    There are already radical mosques and Anti-west jew-hating mosques that have muslims in it every Friday while the Liberal MP and local Liberal MPP’s ignore it for the votes, now just add this to the CUPE member complicit in Treason to obey John Tory and give Welfare and FREE health Care to tourists and Illegals.

    If you had a Job-4-Life at $60,000+ a year and gold-plated Pension in the Public sector , would you be loyal to Canada’s laws or your Pay Cheque and Pension ?
    When they Muslim rape-gangs does get exposed one day and we see CUPE members and Teachers complicit…. we all know that they will shift the blame and claim that ” They were just following orders ” from above.