Warren on Justin Trudeau: We’re looking for gov in all the wrong places

David Warren, late of the Ottawa Citizen, at City Journal:

I don’t think he is especially malicious. … His promises of “hope and change” may be content-free, for the time being, but I’m sure he “believes” in the drivel he is mouthing. I expect he will prove more used than using, as his government agenda falls into place.

Perhaps I should explain what I mean by “drivel.” I could write “lies,” but these are only possible to those who have criteria for the truth. Drivel is what people talk who have no such criteria. The fact that what they’re saying may be true, or untrue, is of no significance to them. It is enough that it sounds plausible. The truthful man knows when he is lying; the postmodern man neither knows nor cares. He can believe himself “good,” as drivellers will do, because truth doesn’t come into it.

The old-style politician told knowing lies. The new-style politician doesn’t know what “lies” are. He uses the term rhetorically, against anything he doesn’t want to hear. The old-style politician would back down when confronted with the truth. The new-style politician doesn’t know what you are talking about. He assumes you are only trash-talking him.

Warren makes a critical point here, and one I wish people who value traditional civil liberties would grasp sooner and more completely:

Progressives aren’t lying when they say things that are not true, or even things that they must know cannot be true. Categories like facts and evidence, patterns and trends, do no weigh much with them or with their growing mass of voters. Warren again:

“The people” believe in drivel, too, as they have just proved. As I’ve mentioned before, a growing percentage of the general voting population has been morally and intellectually debilitated—“idiotized” is my preferred term—by postmodern media and education, and by spiritual neglect within (often broken) postmodern homes. Large vested interests can lead them by the nose, even while they imagine themselves victims of conspiracy. More.

And then they will blame the people they don’t like, who—chances are—had the least to do with it.

A way station on the road to serfdom is that the master gives the serf a chance to “punish” the people he hates, as an alternative to accepting responsibility.

Did anyone see this series, by the way? Lov Gov:

  • This is explains Justin alright.

  • reidjr

    How long before we see Islam for Canada protests maybe 30 days if were lucky.

    • k1992

      Streets blocked by those morons with their asses in the air, the horrific call to prayer blaring from some speaker; unidentifiable things in sinister, black bee-keeper outfits everywhere … I can hardly wait.

  • BradThomas

    ‘The truthful man knows when he is lying; the postmodern man neither knows nor cares. He can believe himself “good,” as drivellers will do, because truth doesn’t come into it.’ Because truth, or objective truth, doesn’t exist in these people’s worldviews.

    I have to wonder, in all seriousness, how long a society with such nebulous and formless attitudes, beliefs and “values”, which are so removed from reality and just plain old common sense, can survive. Not long, I don’t suppose. Perhaps it will be Islam that finishes off our confused and ailing societies but if not, it will surely be something else: this cannot continue.

  • David Murrell

    Haven’t read much of David Warren over the years, and this is a good essay. But in the end the writer misses the point. He cannot argue that, all of a sudden four years after the last election, the Canadian body politic has suddenly turned “stupid”, just because Canada voted differently than what Mr. Warren wants. The truth of the matter is that J. Trudeau was well coached and that Mr. Harper ran a poor campaign.

    The troubling aspect is that Mr. Trudeau has assembled a political machine, a corrupt poltical machine, much in the same way as has been done by Kathleen Wynne and Barack Obama. As Ezra Levant has pointed out, the media cartel was adamantly against Harper. As well, the vested lobby groups campaigned against the Conservatives. One learning point is that we must build our own media and lobby groups.

    The problem Conservatives face is akin to that of urban Republicans in a corrupt city. If people in the city become upset with the city’s corruption, they vote in the Republicans. Let’s not foreget that, with corruption people have to pay higher taxes to finance the corruption. True, people haven’t voted out the Obama Democtats, or the Wynne Liberals, as yet. But it takes a new media, and new advocacy groups — like Rebel Meda — to make this happen.

  • Brett_McS

    Obviously, we at BCF are just a bunch of curmudgeons.