“Spectre”: New James Bond film reflects our post-Snowden era

At Rebel:

Spectre, which was surely inspired in part by Snowden’s memoir No Place to Hide, turns a serious problem for civil liberties into a thriller. So sure, enjoy it, but let’s also back up and look at what Snowden found out.

The 30-year old computer programmer was an employee of Booz Allen, a subcontractor with the American National Security Agency, stationed in Oahu, Hawaii when he came to realize that yhe American government was spying extensively on citizens, by monitoring their phone calls and internet use.

Did you know?

Interestingly, according to biography.com:

Before President Barack Obama took office, the act had only been used for prosecutorial purposes three times since 1917; Since President Obama took office, it had been invoked seven times as of June 2013. More.

If we go out with friends after the film, we might raise these matters and watch progressives morph into zombies, fully accepting their fate. Year round, not just Hallowe’en. Or will they become defensive, justifying the police state? Readers?

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