Conservative science writer maddens pop science reviewer

Yes, yes, Matt Ridley totally believes in Darwin.

That’s just the trouble. Ridley takes his Darwinism seriously; he is not a progressive. Like Darwin, he believes in survival of the fittest, and does not think that the human race would evolve better if everyone had the imprint of the government’s boot permanently stamped on their faces.

But far worse, he says so. Thus, his book is “maddening,” not clarifying.

The New Scientist crowd likes Darwin only so long as he does not interfere with progressivism. That doesn’t make any sense but then they have been promoting crackpot cosmology for decades too.

Progressives do not need coherent points of view; I have wasted much time trying to make sense of things that need not make sense, as long as they can all be forced on the public, at once or severally.