Christians in Middle East ‘are facing genocide’

DAVID Cameron was under pressure last night to officially recognise the mass persecution of Christians in the Middle East as “genocide”.

  • Petrilia

    Everyone paying attention knows Christians in the mid east are being slaughtered and tortured. As Hillary Clinton says what does it matter? Who cares? Christians don’t matter even to the Pope. He doesn’t care. He cares about global warming. What a sad excuse for a Pope. How sad for Christianity that the EU leaders WANT to give their own countries, against the wishes of their own peoples, to the invading Muslim hordes. And hordes they are. An army of young hostile men. Rampaging, raping and shitting their way through Europe..Oh they are clever, they have babies they pass one to the other to make us Feel Sorry for them. Those babies are not theirs. Hungary has stopped them by building a fence in weeks, so don’t tell me Trump could not, higher and better in days. I cry for Europe and their politally correct leaders, but I have changed my mind and think only a leader like Donald Trump could stop the madness.