What does the man mean, “If we had honest media…”?

Talk show host Derek Hunter muses, “If we had an honest media … ”

There was a time when knowingly and willfully telling someone the reverse of what is true was called a lie. Now it’s considered a creative interpretation. Hillary knew while the attack was ongoing, and told her daughter Chelsea in an email, that the terrorist attack on the US compound in Benghazi was “by an Al Queda-like (sic) group.” Does Chelsea have special security clearance allowing her to receive real-time briefings on ongoing terrorist attacks on Americans? Are security clearances transmitted via DNA? Of course not.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to lie to her own child. Everyone else? Sure, why not? Everyone else is disposable the moment they outlive their usefulness.More.

But that is what a progressive society is, Mr. Hunter.

Question: What evidence is there that the remaining consumers of the now sharply reduced legacy media (MSM) care about the lies and deaths, the way Derek Hunter does? They are consuming a product that reinforces their worldview. For example: Hillary Clinton will be the First Woman President; that makes her “good” by definition. Her fitness for office is not relevant.

New media consumers are often very progressive. But they are tippy-tapping out their own world without t he MSM, one in which Hillary Clinton plays the role they assign her, unless catastrophe strikes. Then they will blame people who are Not Cool.

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