What does it really mean to have a tyrannical father?

What was it like, asks Jay Nordlinger, to have Mao as your father, or Pol Pot, or Papa Doc? The answer is that while all happy families are alike, the children of monsters are unhappy in their own way. Some dictatorial offspring are fairly normal while others are psychos. Nicu Ceausescu, son of the rulers of Romania, was from the age of 14 a figure of ‘comic-book evil’ whose hobbies included raping women. His brother, Valentin, is bookish and quiet, has a close circle of decent friends and works at the Institute of Atomic Physics outside Bucharest.

  • Maybe we can ask Justin this same question? He’d surely know.

    • pike bishop

      Canada supplied Romania with nuke plants so we must have thought he was an OK guy. When Caesescu & wife got what was coming to them and the Russians did not invade I kinda knew the Soviet hegemony in Eastern Europe was over.

      • I actually worked as a summer intern at the Romanian embassy in Tehran in late 1990s. The Romanian diplomats whom I knew, and all were anti communist revolutionaries, regretted what had happened to Caesscu, and thought it was wrong to have had shot the commie couple. Alas, Justin Trudeau is the son of a dictator too. He’d know the answer to the original question.

        • pike bishop

          I thought it was his due and a good warning to others of his ilk.
          Did the diplomats want him tried, exiled, let off with a warning?
          PET put Justin and his other children on the knee of the serial killer Castro, that is Addams Family strange.

          • Yes they thought a fair trial was indeed the appropriate way to take care of him.

          • pike bishop

            I think it’s called Red Horizons (?). Good book.
            I’m not so sure a trial is the answer for this type of despotism but what do I know.
            Damn pettifogging lawyers muddy the waters of that which is clear.
            Those orphanages I saw on TV looked like a living hell.

          • Caesescu had, on his last foreign trip and 2 weeks prior to his execution, traveled to Iran and was a guest of the ayatollahs.

          • pike bishop

            I seem to remember him addressing the Canadian HOC.

      • canminuteman

        I work in the nuclear industry. I used to work with a guy who was over there helping build the Romanian plant. He said the place was an absolute hell hole. The Canadian workers basically revolted and told the bosses that unless conditions changed they were coming home. He said they were housed in twenty story apartment buildings with no heat, electricity or running water, and that they were supposed to look after themselves on the economy but there was no food available except bread. Recently I worked with a guy who had been over there recently, and he said it was the nicest plant he had ever worked at. It would appear that politics do matter and do make a difference.

        • pike bishop

          Interesting, thanks.

  • UCSPanther

    Valentin Ceasescu, by becoming a scholar has lived way longer than his ill-fated brother. Nicu ended up dying at the age of 45 from liver cirrhosis. He was rather notorious during his father’s reign for being a very heavy drinker, and he paid the price.