Overnight Thread…

Very late night for me again, not back till near the dawn.

Thank the gang!

  • Xavier

    One of the best love songs ever written and when Johnette lets those pipes soar it’s enough to make me dizzy.

  • Xavier

    Slovenian police helicopter films thousands of illegal migrants

  • Xavier

    Palestinians suspicious of al-Aqsa monitoring promoted by Kerry:

  • ontario john

    Sunday Star and the rest of the media this morning. Harper is still evil, wonderful stories from the journalist community on Trudeau, including ongoing wonderful conversations between Trudeau and some burned out pothead woman in BC, pictures of his childhood in Ottawa, people excited at handwritten notes from him, etc, etc. The Sunday Star did take a break away from Trudeau worship on a couple of its pages to sympathize with a story on a brave young white therapist who has been charged with rape. Yes this poor woman who has fought all her life against white privilege as she puts it, and is active in the environmental movement, thought it was normal for her to have sex with a black multi-handicapped individual who has the mind of a toddler.