Male Chauvinism in Canadian Politics?

Tie one on. Slogging through this requires a stiff drink:

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel knows it would not be easy to become leader of her party.

In a string of tweets late Wednesday, Rempel outlined multiple reasons why people would tell her not to run to replace Stephen Harper, who stepped down after the Tories were swept out of office on election night.

“All your DMs (direct messages) telling me to do it aren’t helping. I’m a 35-year-old chick. We’re not supposed to do these sorts of things, you know?” she tweeted. …


It is no secret that being a woman on the Hill is not always easy. It has been described as a “testosterone palace” by one Conservative senator, while Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has said the culture around politics is “men can get away with abuse of power. It’s endemic in politics. It shouldn’t be that way.”


Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has promised to ensure 50 per cent of his cabinet is made up of women and that is a great first step, equality advocates say.

“(Trudeau) recognizes the kind of talent and expertise that women are bringing to the table,” Nancy Peckford of Equal Voice told Yahoo Canada News on Friday.


Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he would not even advise a woman against aborting her unborn baby simply because she’s a girl because, as he said, the “Liberal Party is the party standing up for people’s rights.”


Peckford said it would even be better if. when Trudeau names his cabinet on Nov. 4, some of those female MPs are given non-traditional portfolios, like agriculture or finance.



Good times….


  • I bet Wynne is hairier than Justin.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      But in Justin’s favor I bet his skin is really soft and he even has a pleasant smell.
      Two things Wynne will never have.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        And four things I never want to find out personally.

        • Mal

          Four things the thought of which I hope to have out of my head one day…

          • Katyn

            Ok. Kathleen Wynne and cunnilingus, and her husband’s bannished to the basement couch. And there are children in the house. Now if that won’t make your head explode I don’t know what will. Oh, she’s premier of Ontario. There. Boom!

  • Wolf Man

    Justy Boy is saying he will have 50% women is his cabinet is women and that is good in this day and age. BUT is he going to throw aside others more qualified for the position just because they do not sit to pee! Sounds about right for this kid not a sound thought process behind this but will we get used too it get . NO

    • Alex

      Typical progressive thinking: identity group membership is the most important criterion for judging a person, not unimportant stuff like competence and qualification.

    • BillyHW

      How is that good in this day and age? Are you stupid or something?

    • Frances

      Agreed – I soooo do not care how unbalanced the cabinet is in any respect just as long as 1) they are all competent in their jobs; and 2) they treat all regions of Canada fairly.

    • Clausewitz

      Meritocracy is dead.

    • El Martyachi

      No offense, but WTF have you been for the past few decades? This gender-eqquity thing isn’t exactly news.

      • Wolf Man

        No offence taken as you clearly missed the point. Please come back when you get it.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Perhaps she overdosed on Ritalin.

  • DMB
    • He does like his wh0res.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        But hey, who doesn’t?

      • Wolf Man

        If you or I did that we would be charged but hey we are not wannabe’s.

  • disqusW6sf

    We’ve already had a woman conservative PM. I don’t want another especially a whiner like Rempel.

    • Clausewitz

      If she self identifies as a “Chick”, I’m thinking she doesn’t have the gravitas for the job.

  • canminuteman

    Shouldn’t she be a mature adult before she considers doing an adult job? She hasn’t had enough life experience to tell me how to live.

  • eMan14

    If a sack of hammers could have a nice head of hair… there you have him.

  • FactsWillOut

    BillyHW is right.

  • Sharkibark

    Bored? She was either high or jonesing to be high…. Just sayin.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I have started my own gender, of which I am the only one. It is represented by this symbol ^~ which is silent. In the interests of complete gender representation, I demand a seat in the cabinet.

  • Alain

    Cry me a river you silly foolish woman. The sex of a person does not equate to competence. Lady Thatcher was heads above anything the UK has had since, both male and female. If you are seeking an affirmative action appointment, then get the hell out of politics.


    Glorious cleansing SMOD.

    • El Martyachi

      If yer ok with bandits, epidemics of typhoid, malaria, HIV (and that’s the good news).. I’m lookin at a place to ride out the apocalypse. You’d maybe even have a chance to use that anthro background. Will keep ya posted if interested.

      • I come with cats. That’s non-negotiable. Also I posses no useful skills.

        I do worry just a bit that you might not be grasping the enormity of SMOD (PBUI). I suspect that, post-SMOD, insurance will not be a concern. But anyway we can iron out the details. Best case scenario, it’ll be like The Walking Dead, but without the speeches about meaning and junk.

        • El Martyachi

          Designing and possibly teaching a curriculum for a few dozen kids (the same kids, arbitrary ages) is something needed.

        • El Martyachi

          Do I try and work for an hour.. or watch the Walking Dead? Decisions decisions…

  • lolwut?

    I’m starting a collection for one of these to buy for BillyHW.

    Please help the cause!…. let’s keep Billy alive at least until another Federal election!