‘Judge me’: Tony Blair’s response to being asked if he is a war criminal after admitting he is ‘sorry’ for the invasion of Iraq under false intelligence

Tony Blair has finally apologized for the Iraq War and said the public can judge whether or not his decisions make him a war criminal.

In a dramatic TV interview set to air today, the former UK Prime Minister insisted he did what he felt was right when asked how he feels about being labeled a war criminal.

But he added: ‘Now, whether it’s right or not, that’s for – everyone can have their judgment about that.’

  • BillyHW
  • Fly in my soup

    In 1991, Saddam jumped into the vacuum created by the fall of the Soviets. It was a brilliant play for expanding hegemony by which he became a tangible threat to then global peace by controlling a vital resource flow and geographic area. So we should not have brought down USSR, instead propped it up, as it maintained status quo? Go back through the decades and the dictators and you can find similar root causes of current conflict, including a certain guy who set up Saddam-like rule in Europe, and may have defeated and controlled the Soviets, and kept the Muslims from invading too. Maybe we should have left that guy in place also, is that what they’re saying with this new “Keep the Fascists” theory, totally contradicting a century of foreign policy?

    • Fly in my soup

      Ok it was 1990. Who remembers anyway, when most seem to think the world began about 15 years ago?

  • Barrington Minge

    I think most people have already answered the question. Tony Blair is a war criminal and should be judged in the court of his peers. The biggest problem is that nobody with the authority will actually step up, arrest and charge him. Consequence is that a man who is guilty of dragging the middle east into bloody chaos walks around knowing that he is above the law and will get away with it.
    Blair is a loathsome apology for a human being and should be treated with the contempt he deserves.