Chretien Encourages Justin Trudeau to Engage With International Leaders

Former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien says he hopes Justin Trudeau will engage in a dialogue with a variety of international leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During an interview with CTV’s Question Period, Chretien suggested the incoming prime minister’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, maintained an open approach when speaking to world leaders including Cuba’s Fidel Castro.

“Mr. Trudeau could talk to anybody because he kept his independence,” he said.

Chretien also advised Justin Trudeau to “talk to everybody.”


How the Illuminati took over the Canadian political landscape and ...

Bernard Isautier, chief executive of Calgary-based PetroKazakhstan Inc., has publicly credited Mr. Chrétien, “because of his name,” for landing the company high-level meetings in China and Iran last June to discuss oil-transportation problems.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Acting in national self-interest?
    Ef’ that noise, Justin’s going to scream: “look at me world, I’m NOT an American!”
    And the accolades will pour in from all the world’s monsters.

    • This ought to be fun.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        “Fun” is not the word I would have chosen. 😉

    • Just like they did for his dad.

    • Exactly, “look at me, I’m not American”. The sole defining characteristic of Canadian cultural identity in the minds of Liberals. And a return to that attitude means that Canada has not yet grown up — we will once again return to being the premiere adolescents on the world stage, never tackling the difficult issues the way adults should. Wannabe hippies running around the world with Canadian flags and peace signs sewn on our backpacks.

      Meanwhile, Pierre Trudeau made friends with Castro and Mao at the height of their brutality. What did that friendship do to improve the human rights situations under those dictatorships? Absolutely nothing — it helped legitimize them and keep them in power longer, prolonging the suffering of their citizens. I know, I remember. Because I was there. Governments such as France and Spain were much more energetic in condemning Fidel and intervening for political prisoners under Communism, than Canada was.

      Not to mention the U.S., without whom the entire West would have been overrun by Communism. Who would have fought off a Soviet Invasion — Canada with a barrel full of hockey pucks? Gimme a break. History will record us as quintessential cowards thanks to Liberal leadership. If Guatemala decided to militarily invade Canada, my money would be on Guatemala — they have a bigger army.

  • Wolf Man

    Please engage them Justy Boy and let the embarrassments begin!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Zombies are coming.

      • Wolf Man

        They are already here, LIEBERALS all around us.

  • Ron MacDonald

    My biggest fear is he is going to be up the immigration quota for Muslims.

    • V10_Rob

      There was a quota, an established upper limit?

    • Katyn

      My biggest fear is he ready and willing to fight the civil war that’s coming against Muslims? Will he do what’s necessary or will people pick up and do it for themselves? And he’ll just be shown the end of a rope and told to step off.

      • Ron MacDonald

        That war will be in Europe, not North America.

  • Jean Chretien facilitating oil transportation discussions? But I thought oil was supposed to be evil. And I thought transporting it was supposed to be even more evil. Help me, I’m confused.

  • Katyn

    I agree. Talk to everyone, but make sure to have our fighters and destroyers hot and ready to follow up the “discussions. ” I’m not naive to think we can go it alone, but that’s the point of having friends and allies.

  • Alain

    There are plenty of vile and terrible international leaders but they are all adults. I doubt they will seriously “engage” with an arrested adolescent. In my lifetime every Liberal government has brought nothing but shame to my country on the international scene, but this time around is sure to be the worst.

    • Justin is a sock puppet. Whatever “discussions” that go on are purely a formality.

      That’s what the Bronfmans paid for.

  • ntt1

    he definitely should not be taking his shirt off around Putin , he would get a KGB style tit twister for sure.maybe even Nooggies.