Article: “Abortion industry panelist: Reporting molestation is ‘conscription’”

Oh my goodness:

Laws that require abortionists to report statutory rape to the authorities are tantamount to forced labor, a panelist told the national meeting of the National Abortion Federation last April.

One of the 11 undercover videos leaked to the website shows a NAF speaker stating that the regulation amounted to “conscription.” Other pro-life laws are a form of “age discrimination,” she said.

“These regulations,” allowed within narrow limits by the Supreme Court’s 1992 Casey decision, “challenge the moral agency of physicians, because they turn physicians into agents of the state,” a presenter says in the video of NAF’s annual meeting last year.

“We’re familiar with this from very vulnerable populations such as making [abortion] physicians mandatory reporters for child abuse,” the woman, whose name is not divulged, says at the beginning of the video footage. “But it puts them in that same role as a state actor, saying what the state wants them to say or doing what the state wants them to do. It’s a conscription of physicians to perform state actions.”