Anti-Islam party takes first steps

They want to ban burqas, freeze Muslim immigration and end Australia’s “failed experiment” with multiculturalism.

The proudly anti-Islam Australian Liberty Alliance — the nation’s newest political party — also claims that a growing number of Australians want exactly those same things.

“I do believe that people are waking up to the dangers and the problems that will come from increased (Muslim) immigration,” ALA co-founder and political candidate Debbie Robinson said.

“Islam is a problem and if we don’t take steps to put laws in place to protect our culture and our society, then we are going to lose our freedom.”

It is a message that many Australians who have watched the rise of radicalism at home and abroad with a growing sense of unease are likely to identify with.

  • Brett_McS

    The Senate candidate for New South Wales (my state) is the wonderful Kirralee Smith, who has been at the forefront of the anti-Hallal certification push in Australia.

    I’m helping out with some data analysis of the past election results to identify the most likely booths for targeting (perhaps we should put out a flyer with bulls-eyes on them?). The coup against Tony Abbott has left a lot of conservative voters angry, and ready to vote for an alternative conservative party, at least in the Senate. (ALA won’t run in the lower house).

  • pike bishop

    Their flag is nice. A Union Jack & the Southern Cross.
    Ours is a thinly disguised LPC logo.

    • Alain

      Yup and imposed on us by the same.

  • Bruised Orange

    Okay that decides it, first Notley and now Trulander, I am using my dual citizenship and going down under, Thanks mom and dad. I have found a new party and a new country.

    • FamilyInCanadaSince1649

      Find out how they’ve organized this party and then come back and do it here! Someone has to save us…..

      • David Murrell

        Well, it takes a lot of hard work, cooperation and compromise, to get an effective vote-getting party of the ground. In Canada we have a lot of tiny, ego-centric parties as is. But to get a grassroots party started, one that can win seats, takes a lot of patience. The party also needs an effective leader.

    • Alain

      Lucky you.

  • It is mind-blowing that Canadian voters have shown that they are NOT conscious of the mortal dangers posed to Canada by Muslim immigration, Islamization (mosques building, shariah applications in everyday practice), Muslim terrorism, etc. If they were conscious they would have elected Harper – instead they chose Trudeau who will make things a lot worse.

    • disqusW6sf

      We (Canada) need someone like Theo Caldwell. He also wrote a bestselling children’s book which might appeal to our blind youthful voters.

    • Censored_EG

      We have been indoctrinated with grandiose notions of “multiculturalism” and “diversity” since the 1970s if not the late 1960s and more or less forced into accepting and even celebrating it here. Multiculturalism means we have society and not community, fragmentation rather than togetherness, a Babel of languages rather than English, etc. etc. etc. It is no surprise for any Canadian, especially one from Toronto, that Islam flourishes in such an environment.

      Leave it to Justin Trudeau now to bring in tens of thousands of “migrants”. That will finish us off just fine.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if in our politically charged “human rights” environment if an anti-Islam political party would even be legal.

      • I read it, thanks. My sense is that this article ignores the special nature of Islam. I can coexist happily with Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Hindu Indians, South Americans, Christian Africans, what have you, but I am very wary of Muslims, be they Arab, Asian or African – because this group is incompatible with any other, and indeed dangerous to everyone else, due to the ideology they adhere to.

        • Censored_EG

          I completely agree with you. Note, too, the unique background of the author of that article; he’s probably Indian of south Indian background in Goa where the Portuguese once upon had an outpost (hence his Portuguese surname).
          Yes, a society with some diversity including all the above groups you mentioned is just fine, while Muslims cannot and purposely do not integrate. Their religion is adamantly opposed to democracy and cultural integration. Point well taken.

          • Yes, some diversity is not a problem, but to tell the truth a lot of it can be too much. Then the place and the people no longer have an identity. I have traveled a lot, and have enjoyed many peoples and places – including Muslim countries, Africa, Asia – but this does not mean I want to see the world and humanity literally blended into one. I doubt that would be a good thing for any group. I would prefer Canada favor European immigration, as it used to at one time.

            With regard to the article, he seems to be saying that boardrooms have to open up to diversity. This is no longer free competition but forced inclusion of individuals who may not be up to it. Then what occurs is leveling to the lowest common denominator.

          • Censored_EG

            I completely agree with you. Yes, most definitely, too much diversity is a big problem. The GTA is pretty much diluted to the point where the blending has resulted in no particular identity, except in district by district but even that’s changing.
            We have society only, and a myriad of “communities” having little to do with one another.

            The only way Canada will ever accept a majority of European immigrants again is by the following:

            (1) civil wars start in Europe due to the inability of European police/military to face the violence from its Muslim populations, and therefore ethnic Europeans move to Canada;
            (2) Canada accepts European immigrants over and above Muslims and Southeast Asians, etc.

            Re: travel, when the world is a blend then nothing is unique any longer, just a postmodern identity-less and cultureless mud soup. Who would a want to visit a Eurabian Belgium or Londonistan, for example?

          • Yes, the paradox of multiculturalism (in the leftist mind, consciously or not) is that the mosaic is ultimately to be a blending into one homogeneous mud (as you put it), a grey socialist world of mass uniformity and obedience to norms.
            The leftists yearn, as you put it, for “a postmodern identity-less and cultureless mud soup,” so predictable and easy to control.

            True multiculturalism is what naturally exists, with the whole planet earth as its place – with one culture in one country and another in another country. This is biological diversity carried over to the cultural domain. Not a monoculture and single (mixed) race, but many and varied human expressions, each taking responsibility for its own historical choices.