Professor: Germany May Soon Have 8 Million Muslims And An Islamic Political Party

A German political expert has warned that a successful Islamic political party is not a far off thought given Germany’s rapidly changing demographics. In an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung newspaper, Prof. Jürgen W. Falter, who specialises in political extremism, noted that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s position on migration may soon change, claiming “Pandora’s box is opened too far”.

  • David

    Germany will soon have 8 million muslims and an islamic political party. There fixed it for ya.

    • Xavier

      Germany will soon have 8 million muslims and Islamic rule.
      There fixed it for ya.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        So, all the Nazis buggered off to South America and they decide to import new ones from the middle east.

      • infedel

        Do not give up on the West so quickly– we fought off and defeated islam throughout history….and history repeats itself; regardless of bloody it is.

        • Xavier

          Not to argue – I agree with you – but history also tells us that a large scale conquest is usually successful until unconquered countries ramp up their defenses and provide support to vanquished regions.

          My prediction, for what it’s worth, is that part of Europe will fall to Islam and part will fall to Putin. Right now I don’t see any signs that a traditional western democracy will survive there.

          • infedel

            xo– change the law to include islam is not a religion but a totalitarian supremacist doctrine that seeks world domination and oppression of the masses. Keep this in mind about Russia (a nun in the 18th century also stated her vision that wewill be saved from islam by Russia — they, Russia, are not our enemy, islam is):

          • Xavier

            I expect Putin’s conquest of Europe will be partly to save the Christians and partly out of a desire to expand Russia and her influence. Although I am an American, my great grandparents came through Ellis Island in the 1880s – from Russia and Poland – and I have tried to understand both national identities.

          • infedel

            My paternal Polish and maternal Ukrainian grandparents came though Ellis Island. I understand national identity as both sides pounded it into our heads marxism/commies/socialism kills and we are now USA citizens in a constitutional republic and have individual freedom. Now the marxists infiltrated our schools and our kids are dumb because their parents are dumb and will not fight the takeover in an effort to prove they are not intolerant racists that the media says they are..Really,kill centuries of culture because of a name.

  • moraywatson

    Why would muslims need a political party in Germany? They aren’t getting any resistance to their current style of jihad, and are enforcing sharia all over the place.

    • Xavier

      The coin has 2 sides: Submit and Submit.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s the open borders fantasy of the left acted out in real time, and it will only get worse. Just wait till the jihad attacks, gang rapes and mass rallies for more benefits start in a few months.