Pravda Approves of Trudeau

What else can one say?

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won the absolute majority in the vote – 185 of 338 seats in the parliament. The Conservatives came second with 97 seats, having lost nearly a half of the seats. Stephen Harper immediately resigned. The third and fourth places went to the New Democratic Party, and Quebec Block with 28 and 9 mandates respectively. …
Of course, Canada is in no way trying to alienate itself from the United States. Still, Trudeau’s latest moves mark considerable progress against the backdrop of the policy of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, who was running ahead of Washington on the road of Russia’s defamation.
In fact, Canada is setting an example to other countries, telling them to abandon the illegal operation of the West in Syria. Canada is also proactively distancing itself from Washington in the Asia-Pacific region, where an armed conflict with China is brewing in light of the artificially created islands in the South China Sea.
(Courtesy: SDA)