Overnight Thread…

Hi All

Got called away for a last minute weekend work gig major all-nighters ahead through Monday, please thank the gang for keeping things going.

Osumashi, DB Cooper, Denyse and Black Mamba are all owed a big Thank You!


  • BillyHW

    Remember that fake story about that guy who drove a Lamborghini that bought a drug company and decided to raise the price of a patent-expired drug and everyone who’s a flaming idiot about anything economical took the bait and went berzerk? Remember how I tried to tell everybody that in a few days some other company would offer the same generic drug and try to corner the market in a few days?

    About that…


    The invisible hand strikes again!

  • ontario john

    Once again I put myself through the torture of reading the Toronto Saturday Star so you don’t have to. Stories are: Harper is still evil, Trudeau offers sunny ways to hurricane stricken Mexico, front to back worship of Trudeau from unbiased writers for the Star, Tony Burman almost has sex with himself praising Justin, the Star reminds everyone that their Christmas Hamper effort now underway has nothing to do with Christianity, and Harper is evil.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I hope you stole the copy you read. It’s the moral thing to do under the circumstances.

  • Clink9

    Still hurting after the failed Blue Jays series.

    I will blame Justin Zoodeau.