Muslim men in Britain are ‘having up to 20 children each’ because Sharia law allows multiple wives

Muslim men in some communities in Britain are having up to 20 children each with multiple wives under Sharia law, potentially leaving the youngsters ‘vulnerable to extremism’, peers warn.

Cross-bench peer Baroness Cox said yesterday the men’s behavior is creating ‘dysfunctional families’ – with some divorcing their wives by simply saying or writing ‘I divorce you’ three times.

She also gave a number of ‘shocking examples’ of how the Islamic legal system ‘discriminates’ against Muslim women, whom she said needed better protection under equality legislation.

  • Millie_Woods

    Don’t blame the backwards muslims. They’re just doing what comes natural for them. It’s Britain’s fault for allowing this to go on. I’m sick of hearing what beastly people the Muslims are, while the people with the power to stop this shit do nothing about it. IMO the Brit’iots won’t be any worse off under Islamic law than they have been with the bag of dicks that have been running the place for the last 50+ years. Fucking losers.

  • David

    If one didn’t know better you’d think they’d never heard of or seen a muslim in their lives.

  • moraywatson

    Muslim women don’t better protection under the law, what they need are the same protections all women get under the law, and with those laws enforced without regard for the say-so of any form of sharia-tribunal. We need fewer muslims and fewer laws, not more muslims and more laws.

  • BillyHW

    And your paying for it all, suckers!

  • John

    They had been alerted to this growing problem years ago, but instead of taking heed of what was being said, they decided to label the messengers bigots and racists.

  • roccolore

    That means more welfare benefits for the Muslims who hate England.