Most Americans cool with some government Internet surveillance

Provided they are told they will be spied on, says Daily Dot:

Surveillance tools can create security vulnerabilities that permit hacking, illegal spying, privacy violations, and identity theft. But around 75 percent of respondents agreed that Internet service providers should be allowed to surveil traffic as long they notified users and received consent.

Most respondents also agreed that employers should be able to monitor the encrypted Internet connections of employees even without notification or consent, especially when an employee used a company computer. There was less agreement when it came to employees using personal devices; approximately a third of respondents opposed surveillance in that case.

In other situations—using the Internet at schools, in libraries, and on public Wi-Fi—most respondents said that surveillance was fine as long as they were told that it was happening.

The one exception to the overall trend in the survey involved warrantless government surveillance, but even that issue exposed a sharp divide.

Half of respondents objected outright to such spying. But 10 percent accepted it without qualification, another 10 percent said it was acceptable with notification, and a quarter of respondents said it was acceptable with consent. More.

As long as mommy government’s cheques cash? Or what?

  • Xavier

    Some = just the tip.

  • Xavier

    A survey: Why does the government perform surveillance?

  • V10_Rob

    ‘Domestic spying’ used to be the domain of the tinfoil hats, but even they didn’t imagine that people would embrace it so enthusiastically.

    And not even out of fear and security threats (real and imagined), but out of narcissism and politically-correct piety.

  • If one has ever watched “Person of Interest” (about a reclusive computer expert and his former CIA assassin friend), there is an episode where the computer expert claims to have invented a social media page. He noted that people are more than willing to share personal information online than to the government. Any governmental body would just read one’s social media page.

    How apt that shameless, brainless people unwittingly co-operate with an over-reaching government.

  • Clausewitz

    Well, Justin does love the way that the ChiComms do things. This seems like a natural next step in Canada.

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  • canminuteman

    If it’s all you’ve ever known you take it for granted that it’s the normal way the world works.