Mark Steyn on Hill Clinton and Benghazi

The brazenness of what she did ought to be revolting. In free societies, when political leaders demand the citizens ignore a lie, they make them complicit in it… More.

Steyn is, of course, assuming that any significant number of Americans would change their vote if they believe that Hill Clinton brazenly lied.

Increasingly, Western populations don’t even think that way. No one is morally responsible, everyone is a self-declared victim, and the government is there to comfort and dispense largesse to such victims.

In the new scheme, self-declared non-victims are necessarily treated with suspicion and hostility. They must be the people who made victims of the others. It all works, within the time frame that progressive governments and their voters consider important.

  • Gary

    So far, Hillary has blamed pretty well everyone around her and yet claims that she takes full responsibility for what happened .

    If the 4 dead were Black , Obama would have been outraged.
    But they were white while Steven’s was gay , and back in 2009 Obama and Hillary opposed gay marriage but now pretend to be the friends of GLAAD.
    GLAAD and Obama are pretty quiet over ISIS throwing gays from roof tops , this shows how the homophobia is selective and when Liberal get gays killed it’s ok because of the greater cause to destroy the USA .

    • Obama is never outraged over anything, least of all black people. If one wants to irritate him, hide his golf clubs.

      He let J. Christopher Stevens die. I believe ISIS is a part of this dark chapter in American history.

      • Clausewitz

        One day we’ll find out who issued the Stand Down order. That’s when the shit storm happens.

      • mauser 98

        natch , arms to ISIS in Syria
        boatload of coke in there too i bet
        Gadhaffi’s gold? he had tons of it
        Germany demanded it’s gold back from Citibank few months before Libya invasion.

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  • mauser 98

    Barry fired bunch of top military commanders right after this
    Carter Hamm , army general should have been there

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    But why do readers think the American public actually cares what happened at Benghazi? Isn’t just a small cadre of Americans who remember what things were like BC = Before Clintons? Don’t most just want to make sure their government cheques cash?

  • John

    Hillary Clinton should be behind bars, and she should remain behind bars for a very long time.

    40-odd years ago we made a big fuss about Watergate and yet Watergate killed no one.

    Hillary’s inaction and lies did.