Halloween Playlist

Halloween, like Christmas, comes but once a year.

The wind catches the dead leaves that were once vibrant colours and a chill is in the air. Shadows are all around.

Music is a great way to catch the atmosphere of this season. Though it is nice to reminisce about a love song where monsters keep their evil in check, it’s also good to hear some other blood-curdling music.

Tonight’s selection is a Russian lullaby though it is hard to believe children peacefully fall asleep to this:

  • k1962

    That is ridiculously spooky.

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  • :_(

    Just like mama used to sing.

  • Alex

    That was lovely and haunting, but creepy as hell. Leave it to the Russians to come up with a lullaby that sounds like the theme from a horror movie ….

  • Xavier

    Eerie and beautiful. Songs like this, and stories too, existed to teach as well as entertain. In a supernatural world, danger existed in every aspect of life. We laugh at these warnings now but they served their listeners well: nighttime is a danger; the unknown is a danger; animals are a danger; but you are safe here with me. Sleep.

    • No. There is a guy watching Little Vanya sleep.

      No wonder Russians are paranoid!

  • Dana Garcia

    Have a nice nightmare, kid.

  • dukestreet

    Reminds me of the Halloween songs and rhymes from day care & school. Along with the stories but, strangely enough it does serve a psychological purpose.