Caturday: Seventeen Reasons to Own a Black Cat

Just in time for Halloween:



  • Sounds reasonable!

  • DMB
  • Frances

    Black cats jaunt; tabbies scuttle.

    • occupant 9

      Ours slink along on the road at the curbside, from car shadow to car shadow.

  • Blacksmith

    My black cat Elvis, AKA Fluffenheimer, AKA Leadbelly, wholeheartedly agrees he is the bestest.

  • truepeers

    I love my black cat, but she’s a scaredycat as are many blacks, genetically. That, i imagine, has something to do with them being scapegoated, to mix metaphors.

    • ed

      my black female is the same a daddys girl , her tuxedo sister is a little git ! half the pigeons near me have a bald ass due to her

  • I am told that black cats are misunderstood ninjas.

  • warrenzoell

    I’ve got two black cats. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Petrilla

    After 42 years of marriage and eight dogs, 26 cats, all beloved, most lived more than 15 years, we just adopted a lovely little black kitten, and yes, most of the unadoptables in the SPCA were black. Minerva at 3 months has told the dog and old cat this is where she lives now and they accept and are fascinated by her kitten craziness. it is so much more fun than TV. A Cheerios box opened at both ends, a paper bag are more interesting than bought toys although the chasing round the mouse toy for 2 hours made me dizzy. Now our dog Maximus, is having a ball with Minerva, after the death of his best friend, a new lease on life. Now we have Maxi and Mini’ who I hope will be best friends for life. Knowing now what I do, I will encourage people to adopt black cats. And volunteer at humane societies to help out.

  • occupant 9

    Well. We have a petite Bombay mom (black w/ gold/green eyes) and two of her grown kittens; large plushtoy soft version of her mom and her nearly all black semi-tuxedo sturdy brother.

    Oh, and an older black schnauzer that leads all the walks because the cats believe the walks are for them as much as they are for the dog. It’s a parade.

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  • born_bred_canadian

    I should never have read this to my black cat. Now she is walking around with a sandwich board. It says…..”black cats lives matter”. I believe my life just changed.