Canada’s Withdrawal From the F-35 Program Will Raise Costs For Other Countries

PM-Elect Trulander is also screwing other countries as well as us. He is inclusive:

Canada’s withdrawal from the program will see the cost of the F-35 go up between 0.7 per cent and one per cent for other countries – or about US$1 million per plane, said Lt.-Gen. Chris Bogdan, head of the F-35 Joint Program Office.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I’m still wracking my brain as to what mission Canada might possibly need F-35s.
    They are designed for flying deep into the interior of Russia (or some similar environment) that is wildly hostile and has devoted a lot of time and trouble to keeping you out.
    That presupposes Canada doing a lot of seemingly very un-Canadian things with them like bombing Iranian reactors, defended Russian airfields, and then fighting their way home, stuff like that.

    If anyone here knows any more I’d love to know.

    • simus1

      The F-35 is the leading edge of an air superiority platform whose first concern is quickly destroying the air defense system of an enemy in wartime.
      Once air superiority is achieved, large numbers of less high tech machines can enter the fray and operate in a much less dangerous environment.while destroying targets.
      But the really important part of the equation is offset production sharing built into our purchases to enable Canada’s aerospace industry to keep current and competitive in a quickly changing world.
      The more F-35s in the hands of America’s allies, the more uncertain become the calculations of America’s enemies over what they can get away with.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Yeah, I understand the F-35’s mission pretty well, but when’s the last time Canada decided they needed to bitchslap an entire Russian or Chineese air defense network?
        That’s not something Canadians tend to do all of a sudden.

        • DD_Austin

          It’s the price of front row tickets to the NATO song and
          dance review, Everyone else sits in the back

          Perhaps Dustbin will get us kicked out of NATO, and we
          won’t have to step in if Russia decided to arserape

          Always look for the good in all things

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            It makes sense to have Canada in NATO, Turkey not so much.
            However, there is a real advantage to having your own aircraft, warships, and lift capability so you don’t have to “ask permission” to defend your own interests.
            So if anything, your defense budget should really be three times what it is now, and for at least the next decade and a half, but good luck making that happen.
            Also, your air force does not fly nearly enough to maintain proficiency.

          • FactsWillOut

            Russia should be invited into NATO.

            The F-35 is an overpriced boondoggle for Canada.

    • TJ

      The CF-18 are old and Canada needs something to replace them, Why not go for the fully new model to chase the Russian cold war bombers over some “new” F-18 that are older than the pilots that fly them. The CF-35s if they every fly will be doing everything the CF-18s are doing. No new missions that the CF-18 don’t do.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        The F-18E “Super Hornet” would fill that role nicely, be available right now, is combat tested, and be a lot cheaper and better suited to what you actually use your F-18s for.
        It’s 25-years newer than the CF-18s and will chase away anything daring to enter your airspace.
        If you want to hang bombs on ’em and blow up some mud huts, they will do that swimmingly too.

        • TJ

          Re-litigating if Canada should have gone with F-18E or the F-35 should have happened a decade ago not when the the first batch of CF-35s are being built. Sadly Justin will kill the CF-35 and/or reduce it. Then not go out and get the F-18E leaving the 79 CF-18 to slowly reduce in numbers when they all fall apart.

  • TJ

    Sea Kings all over again. When the order is cancelled with no replacement for the CF-18s it will be the conservatives job to clean up the mess again.

  • DMB

    Well on the bright side at least we don’t need to worry about our F-35 jets being attacked from ISIS new “weapon of mass destruction”!

  • Jay Currie

    No reason for Canada to have these planes. Start looking at unmanned combat aircraft. In flocks.

    Go for cheap and fairly fast but with superior flocking capacity. Ideally with the more expensive weapons platforms surrounded by very cheap flying chaff.

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  • Lorensacho

    Canada did the right thing. The F35 is deficient in many ways. Anyone interested in getting a list of the F35’s deficiencies can Google the subject. The U.S. has wasted $400 billion on the R&D for this make work project for the aerospace industry. There have been a number of calls from U.S. politicians to cancel the programme. Israel that has bought a squadron of these planes is having to modify then so they can fit into its needs

  • The comments that I’m reading here sound well-informed and I respect them as such.

    Does anyone really think that Justin Trudeau muddled this over?