Article: “Everyone Freaked Out About Voter Suppression For No Good Reason”

I know this is from the Huffington Post and the comments were largely written by amoeba brains but just give it a read:

Complaints about Conservative “voter suppression” were unfounded. Mr. Trudeau alleging that “Mr. Harper still has tricks up his sleeve,” in a thinly-veiled reference to inappropriate “robocalls” in the 2011 election, completely ignored reality. In fact, not only has the CRTC implemented strict new rules regarding the use of automated phone messages (under a Conservative government, mind you), but the simple mention of a “robocall” is bound to elicit such a visceral response that they simply won’t be used as they once were. The alleged controversy took care of itself and was a non-issue for the 2015 campaign, even though Mr. Trudeau pushed the issue.

Myths about restrictive voter identification requirements “suppressing” and preventing non-Conservatives from voting were also exactly that: a myth.

Rather, voter turnout hit 68.3 per cent, the highest turnout in over two decades. It turns out, when you have reasonable standards to allow 38 different pieces of identification, people will overwhelmingly use those pieces of ID and just get on with voting.

The vouching system remained — it was merely trimmed back to avoid one person from being allowed to vouch for an entire busload of people. Something tells me the Liberals are unlikely to complain about the result of last night’s election on the grounds of any non-Liberals not being able to vote.