A Pop Culture That Fuels Jew Hatred

The latest wave of Palestinian terrorism continues to take its toll of Israeli dead and injured this week with stabbings, shootings, fire bombings and attempts to run over Jewish pedestrians. That means millions of Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank, not to mention cities throughout the country where attacks have occurred, remain on alert. But Israelis aren’t getting much sympathy these days no matter what the Palestinians do.

  • Gary

    Jew-hatred seems to be part of the Job interview to get hired at the TTC or a CUPE position.

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    • Justin St.Denis

      Canadians are also quite anti-Semitic overall but are better at concealing it under a veneer of maple-flavoured civility. It’s unfortunate, and rarely acknowledged. We have dropped several “friends” over the years as their anti-Semitism revealed itself.

  • Shebel

    It is a good thing that God loves you—– Gives you stamina.

  • Withdraw from the UN and let Arab nations care for the Palestinians.

  • Jay Currie

    At this point there is very little reason for the Israelis to be the least bit accommodating. They are surrounded by failed or failing states. They have a bunch of murderous thugs next door. There is nothing they can do to keep the Euros happy.

    So, retake the Temple Mount, kick the Muzzies off and lock down the West Bank. Build settler housing and prepare for war. Because, like it or not, war is coming.

    Meanwhile, cut deals with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi and the rest of the ISIS threatened Arab world.

    Forget the US for a while. Obama and the oaf Kerry are not their friends.

    A nuclear armed rogue state with its back an inch from the wall will scare the piss out of its enemies if it actually fights. Israel will fight in the end but perhaps it should fight hard in the beginning.

  • truepeers

    It’s kind of depressing that even a tough talker at a Jewish magazine has to conclude with an olive branch to the Palestinians “if they sober up.” Such are the violent demands of “polite” society. When is it going to ring home to even the Tobins of the world that the “Palestinians” are an ideological construct whose identity is based largely on Jew hate. To be clear, there is more to Arab culture than hate but the various Arab tribes that are deemed to constitute the “Palestinians” live geographically separated from each other and they do not intermarry. The idea that they constitute a nation with a positive desire to self rule as one coherent family is at this point fantasy and there is little to suggest it will ever be otherwise. The main thing that bonds them, other than a religion which has not overcome tribal lines, is shared hate of the Jews, so the notion that the “Palestinians” can ever sober up is far fetched. Were the Jews to all get up and leave, there would be no coherent Palestinian nation left to rule the land. Peace will come when the tribal reality of the Arabs is recognized and those willing to serve as emirs of separate tribal governments on condition of keeping the peace, and under an Israeli security umbrella, are put in power while the Islamist-cum-Palestinian movements are crushed. This is a crude summary of Mordechai Kedar’s argument. It will require Western governments to stop appeasing the Islamist movements.

  • Xavier

    Let’s consider this from the other direction and look at the 5 most Jew free societies in the world.

    Afghanistan – 1 Jew per 32,564,342
    Nigeria – 1 Jew per 1,771,558
    Philippines – 1 Jew per 1,076,680
    Pakistan – 1 Jew per 980,870
    Ethiopia – 1 Jew per 966,334

    So, anyone still think Jews are the problem?


  • tom_billesley

    Antisemitism has so many guises.