William Shawcross is right: Islamists are skilled at lawfare

Regular readers may recall the charming group ‘Cage’. This is the organisation which made headlines earlier this year when Mohammed Emwazi (aka ‘Jihadi John’) was outed as one of their associates. The response of ‘Cage’ was to extol what a ‘beautiful’ young man Jihadi John was, and claim that if it weren’t for Britain’s security services their friend would never have thought of cutting off infidel heads in the Syrian desert.

  • formwiz

    IOW, they know how to tweak Lefty judges.

    this is how the Left gets what it wants – stack the courts and get it before a rubber stamp.

  • Muslim theology creates an exceptionally narrow collective Muslim mindset.

    Muslims follow the most rabid believers because to question them is a suicidal risk.

    The net effect is a brainwashed general population.