When English Catholics were considered as dangerous as jihadis

Martyrdom, these days, does not get a good press. Fifty years ago English Catholics could take a ghoulish pride in the suffering of their 16th-century Tyburn heroes, but in a western world that has learned to be wary of extremist talk of ‘holy war’ or the intoxicating visions of the martyr’s crown that fuelled the prayers of England’s young exile priests — ‘the supreme privilege, of which only divine grace could make them worthy’, as Evelyn Waugh put it — somehow makes for less comfortable reading.

  • Trust the British to equate Catholics with the restive masses they won’t fight.

    Saint Thomas More recognised the rule of law even after he blew the whistle on bed-jumper Henry Tudor.

    You had your decline coming, Britain.

    • Martin B

      When thousands of Mohammedans march through the streets of London shouting and waving Slaughter Those Who Insult Islam signs, they get police escorts, every reporter and politician falls over himself to say that Islam is a Religion Of Peace, and pointy heads lecture about the sins of Christians who’ve been dead for 500 years. Imagine trying to explain that scene to a time-traveling Englishman from the 16th century.

  • andycanuck

    We’ll have to see if Imam Holes become standard features in taxpaid housing in the UK.

  • andycanuck

    And I’d point out that Christian martyrs in the “bad old days”, R.C. and Protestant, became martyrs dying for their religious practices not by killing others.

  • DD_Austin

    Does Murder coin beat the victim card?

    The Catholics were all sweetness and light, victims all
    except when they were murdering and burning people at the stake
    or plotting to overthrow the government and have another
    pope blessed massacre

    The only difference between Jihadis and Catholics was
    the catholics got medals from the pope

    BTW the Latin UGONOTTORUM STRAGES is roughly Huguenot bloodbath

    Yes Britain had it’s decline coming, they should have followed the Spanish model
    and banished the lot of them from the British Empire


    • Let me understand this: Catholics who actually added to the community are just as bad or worse than the current lot of pork-less barbarians?

      Not even worth parsing.