Nazis defaced portrait with cigar to mock Churchill

Nazi officers defaced a portrait of Sir Jesse Boot by sticking a cigar in his mouth to mock Sir Winston Churchill, the National Portrait Gallery has revealed.

The picture of Sir Jesse, owner of Boots the chemist, had a hole burned through its mouth during the Second World War, as German officers occupied his house in Jersey.

The portrait, now loaned to the gallery by the Walgreen Boots Alliance, has now been restored, with details of its history released as part of a major new project about the history of medicine

  • andycanuck

    There’s a Time Team archaeological programme about the occupation of the Channel Islands. BTW, Eastern European/Soviet slave labour was used to build German underground bunkers.

  • Tokenn

    I think it would have been more instructive to have left the hole, and added an explanation of why the portrait was defaced.

  • Canadian

    And PC, the new nazis, takes Churchill`s cigar away….

  • DD_Austin

    There is nothing in this that is worth the electrons it’s printed on

    No great artist*, No great works**, just some rich family whining about
    having to pay a price for defeating nazi tyranny, by getting a cigarette hole
    burnt in their property .

    Considering who they knight these days, I’m sure they get the VC for the
    pain and drama.

    * Who painted it, not mentioned
    ** Ain’t no Carnegie, he has hundreds of pictures, in hundreds of libraries