Kathleen Wynne Threatens to Dock Teachers’ Pay Over Work-to-Rule

NOW she’ll get the wrath:

Ontario elementary school teachers and some support staff engaging in work-to-rule campaigns could soon see their paycheques docked, Premier Kathleen Wynne says.

Wynne said Friday that unions will receive five days’ notice that the terms of their employment could be changed after Nov. 1 if:

– A new labour deal isn’t in place

– If work-to-rule job actions don’t resume while talks continue.

A group of unions that includes the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) and support staff with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF) and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), do not yet have contracts. Some have taken job action that includes not performing certain duties, such as filling out report cards or in the case of CUPE, cleaning some areas in school buildings.

Yesterday, the ETFO threatened to step up job action by withdrawing extracurricular activities starting Wednesday. At a news conference Friday, Wynne said the job actions are negatively affecting students and “must stop.”

 “Schools are increasingly dirty and activities such as … completion of report cards are not taking place,” said Wynne. “This cannot go on. Our children deserve better.”

(Sidebar: says Ben Levin’s friend.)


  • CodexCoder

    That’s where she should have started. It’s too late to close the barn door after you have a history of letting the horses run free and they have all gone out to pasture.

    • She bribed the teachers. Now that she has threatened the only thing that matters to them- money- the knives will come out for her.

    • Clausewitz

      You do realise that I run four clubs at our high school on my own time. I am not paid for this service but I do it because the Teachers College I went to in Buffalo had this crazy idea that one of the pillars of education is to develop a school community, Best way to do it, extra curricular’s. Hate my Union, but I hate Wynne more. How do you dock pay on something that is done on a voluntary basis?

  • mauser 98

    yeah right .. docked money returned when Premier Strapon extortion shell game diverts to another scandal
    teachers will not lose a dime