Here’s One That Only Someone at the “Diversity”-Crazed Toronto Star Could Come Up With: “If Joan of Arc Were Muslim”

Well, were that the case–which, of course, it was not–the obvious corollary would be: “She wouldn’t be Catholic–nor would she have acted as she did.

  • DD_Austin

    Government funded “arts” grant check list

    1. downtrodden white male
    2. downtrodden Christianity
    3. Evil western civilization
    4. Lesbian Woman with symbolic penis in lead
    5. Superior Muslim culture
    6. No relation to any historical episode
    7. Will never generate a paying audience to cover 1/10 of costs
    8. Lead is Government minister’s and/or party fund raisers niece or nephew (tranny)

    I say they got a 7/8 if not a 8! Can you say CBC mini series!!!!

    • Rosenmops

      I’m sure now that Turdope is PM the CBC will make a new Muzz mini series. Maybe Mohammed of Green Gables.

  • Canadian

    She would have been stoned at home!

  • tom_billesley

    She’d have been stoned instead of burned for the cross-dressing, heresy and witchcraft of which she was accused.