Europe, Pope Francis Roll Out Red Carpet for Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran is already reaping diplomatic dividends from the disastrous nuclear deal it entered into last July with the P-5 + 1 nations (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany). Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be visiting Rome Italy next month, marking his first trip to a European Union capital. His trip will include a meeting with Pope Francis. Rouhani will then be moving on to Paris. It is a victory lap by the president of a regime that got virtually everything it wanted in the deal, and is choosing selectively which portions of the deal it will ignore.

The so-called “international community,” led by appeaser-in-chief Barack Obama, is welcoming the Iranian regime back into the “community of nations” as if its leaders were akin to the prodigal son in the famous parable. However, unlike the prodigal son, Iran’s leaders remain defiant and unrepentant.